Friday, February 15, 2008

That Stinky Pleasure

While some may find pleasure in sniffing at other's stinky shoes...

the person with the stinky feet might not like being sniffed at.

Alright, i will get to my point. I don't believe i have ever been so overdosed with 'stinky shoe sniffers' until lately. To some people, their idea of conversation during family or friends reunions would be the perfect timing to air their dirty laundry. I HATE being caught amongst 'concerned' family members bitching about another's affair; like who just got divorced, who's in the wrong, who hasn't got a child, maybe she/he is infertile so on and so forth bitches.

I believe at some point, my facial and bodily expressions shows my disinterest in the so called chat and this elderly relative asked me to excuse them for being so 'bosy' and laughs.

me: *rolleyes* & forces out a smile.

Message to stinky shoes sniffers: Sniff your own shoes first before you sniff at others, you will be surprise to find that your own shoes probably smells the worst!


Aschafava said...

OMG!!! Is that cat yours? How absolutely adorable! :-D

Shoeaholic said...

Oh no... it's someone's cat that i happen to find online. Cute eh? :D