Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yes sir, I can Boogie!

The 70's that came and went like the wind! Literally!

I could live in the 70's forever. Loved the fashion. Loved the hair. Loved the glitter and bold fashion statements! Above all, Loved the Music to the max! Dinner at Chef & Brew was exquisite and boogie-licious! Wished it's 70's all over again!

I'm not sure i'll dig 70's men, but heck they are great party peeps!
Also, check out my Farrah Fawcett hair attempt! Wished i had more time to curl them and some serious hairspray, but it made it through the brief 70's moment! :)

The highlight of my night was unexpectingly walking away RM1k richer when my lucky number was drawn at the very final round of the lucky draw! I couldn't recall much other than Vincey holding my left hand and Su on my right screaming out my number when almost everyone at our table had striked cash prizes ranging from RM100-RM500 throughout the night. The moment of waiting for the number to be announced ONE by ONE almost killed me with a heart attack! It was surreal, i never thought i would even get close to being this lucky for once in my life! But i'm thankful for the *gift* and it certainly came at the right time along with all the annual fees and bills! *phew*

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lunch time

It's economical rice in the non environmental friendly styrofoam box. No choice, class in another 17 minutes to be precise. Suffering from post mid week holiday syndrome. Mind left hanging in between work and the coming events packed weekends. Sipping on cold green tea because the water boiler has (finally) busted. Someone left his/handphone unattended and the missed call alert beep is starting to get to me. Still thinking of what to cook tonight. Oh... please click to feed my fishes, thanks.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Night Fever, Night Fever...

All geared up for Saturday Night Fever

Or This?

I am one happy lady today (was gonna say 'girl' until i recheck that fine line appearing at the edge of my eyes and neck) It's Wednesday; usually the most dreadful day of the week as it's smack right in the middle; going no where and only work for the entire day. But today is an exception, it's public holiday and i get to kick my heels back and do stuff i usually don't get to do on weekdays. Like wasting my time online, feeding my soul with beautiful soles.

Time flies so quickly that it almost slipped my mind that my company's annual dinner is only 2 days away and this year, we're having 70's Saturday Night Fever as theme at Chef & Brew. Got news that some peeps will be doing some funky performances and god knows what else since we're all in the creative line!

Anyways, i was messing around with Polyvore and decided to do a style board of my Saturday's outfit. I'm thinking, Farah Fawcett, Charlie's Angel, Golden 70's disco chic. There's this retro looking halter top that i got from Melbourne YEAAARSSS ago which i thought is going down the museum is finally coming to good use now. Thank goodness it still fits, although i can't recall my tummy being this protruding 8 years ago... I guess i will have to limit my food intake that night! *sigh* And my red peep toes Stuart Weitzmen wannabe from Vincci which i can't remember buying and NEVER worn before is finally seeing the day of light (if i don't change my mind to the gold ones)

And as i was all absorbed into arranging my virtual wardrobe, it suddenly hit me that i haven't seen this Benefit lip gloss of mine for some time now and i quickly dashed off to look for it. I dug inside every single bag pocket by pocket, i found a lip gloss but not my Benefit, i dug my makeup bags and found more lip gloss and still no sign of my Benefit :( I just realized that i'm such a lip gloss whore... I suspect that i must have dropped it at my friends wedding suite as i was frantically doing her makeup that night but then again... i hope that it is only hiding somewhere in my very untidy dressing table.

Oh well, more updates soon as i'm feeling shoespired! Do let me know what works for the 70's disco fever theme. Ideas wanted!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Are you a shopaholic running low in cash?
Loves shopping but hate the crowd and over priced items?
Dreads rude sale person and poor services?

Fret no more!

Ladies & gentlemen, i present you... OH & AH
Where arts, crafts, affordable fashion and friendly people meets!

I have to share this with everyone! Oh & Ah is not your average boutique/shop. They are formed by a couple of passionate designers and shopaholics who believes that good things don't always have to costs more! I was skeptical at first until i decided to pay them a visit yesterday and by golly, the prices are indeed incredibly low! So low that i was literally tugging at this RM10 dress with Vince. Thank goodness that they have more than 1 piece of that dress, otherwise the scene would have been ugly! LOL!

They have got items ranging from dresses, tops, pants, accessories, bags, home decor products and stationary items for sale. And there are some really unique handicrafts available too! Some of you may have recognised that clock on the top left picture, yup! that's the same clock you probably saw from Ikea Hacker. Tuck Loong is one of the designer and vendor to Oh & Ah. He's also responsible for the limited edition silk screened tees and environmental friendly shopping bags you can find from their website.

So what's the damage done you might ask? Hardly noticeable!
The fabulous accessories: RM5.90 - earrings, RM15.90 - ring, RM31.90 - necklace
The tops costs within RM20-25!
The green dress (without white tube/belt) RM10!!!

All the items were handpicked by the vendors personally from as far as Bangkok, so the stocks and styles will be limited in Malaysia and by golly super low priced! They aren't open everyday, and only when they have gathered enough good items for sale, so make sure you check out their opening dates before you go! And oh, did i say that they serve FREE red bean dessert too?

BenJac is finally a singular on 19.1.08

It's a wonder how we're all destined to meet the people in our lives; family, friends, lovers, husbands and wifes, sharing their love and growing old together in life. And here, i would like to extend my best wishes to the newly wed couple; Ben & Jac. Welcome to a new beginning! Cheers!

I manage to grab a couple of pics with the grinning bride & groom as they are leaving the altar. Ben was grinning so happily like a little boy with candy, while Jac was radiantly glowing JUST like a bride!

The Usual Suspects: Friends of the bride & groom.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Enough bitches for the day, if not entire life

I feel crappy enough today to end up buying 3 pieces of cake from Secret Recipe moments ago. I was happy and glad when i left the place until i went to my car.

A black shinny BM-er was struggling to reverse it's way out with the security's help to direct the obviously inexperience driver on how to maneuver the steering from it's parking spot.

And having seen that, i quickly offered to move my car that i parked across the road behind that car. READ ME: ACROSS THE ROAD SIDE PARKING SPOT, not DIRECTLY BEHIND OR ILLEGAL PARKING. I was feeling all helpful and glad to help when suddenly, the woman shouted something like this at me:


-I was Shell Shocked-

If stares can kill, she would have died. I think i stared at her for the longest time before she decides to look away and shut her bitchy old mouth up. I asked myself at that moment, so what should i do:

A. SHOUT BACK: YOU SEE, the reason i drive an ATOS is because i don't want to end up looking stupid like you!

B. SHOUT BACK: Isit my fault you're obviously OLD, CRANKY, NIGHT BLIND and couldn't live up to this lavish car that looks like a flower on a bull's face!?


D. KEEP CALM and say to myself: There's no need to add anymore bitches to this overly bitch populated universe, just roll your eyes, maintain your cool and poise and swing your fabulous hair at the old hag. She will regret this on her death bed.

Surprisingly, i chose D when i was so ready to shout obscenity at her.

I blinked back to conscious when the security started laughing at the foolish woman for behaving so badly in such a 'classy' car. At least i'm not alone in this. But it would be a real sight if i started pulling the hair off that old hag. But i'm also glad i didn't because my Lamb pie would have gotten cold and my cakes would have started to melt. And yes, it's hard to believe this coming from me, it's so not worth the time and pain to only end up behaving no better than the old hag.

*peace* and back to my cakes *yummmmmm*


Running dry of words.
Running out of ideas.
Running for my life.

The academic week just kicked off and i don't believe i have talk SO MUCH in my entire life. Mostly repeating lessons and seeing INDIVIDUAL students for discussions on their initial stages of their projects.

I don't know where i got my attention span from.
I don't know where my patience came from.

Maybe i'm subconsciously hypnotized by myself to deal with it. But today, someone finally pushed the right button. I almost lost it, but then again... i asked myself, what's the point. That kid will either find out that attitude doesn't sell in here nor will it sell anywhere else. The sight of my student giving me the pissy face is just like seeing my little brother stomping his feet for ice cream. It's amusing yet annoying. But we know someday we will look back laughing at it.

I've been kinda tired lately. The work. The constant having to keep my chin up and inspire. The guessing and waiting. The truth to life. But hey, life's still good. My new Zara heels made me a better woman last weekend. And later on, a chocolate mud cake is going to make my day sunshiny and superstars all over again.

I love my life.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hairy Situations

I'm sure everyone has been through this at least a couple of times in their life. Getting a hair cut and booking the right stylist to do it for you so you don't end up crying and waiting for it to grow back in months which seems like years.

I've been meaning for a new head and what better timing to do it when the year is still young. Start a fresh and anew it is after all! BUT... i am just 'okay' with my current 'professional stylist' and am considering in trying out the 'director's cut' but there's one thing i dread going to the hair salon.


Each time i meet a new stylist, i get 'drilled' with questions. I totally get their friendly-get-to-know-your-customers policy, but i'll do fine with a good, long with massage hair wash and a shockingly brilliant blow me off my chair hair cut! For some reason, i don't really like chatting when i'm getting my hair washed and cut; not explaining what i do, how old am i, and even where i lived and how i get to work. I would prefer they ask me how i like my hair to be - that's all!

shitz, i'm already tired thinking about it; so i have decided to use back my previous stylist since she already knows me and won't chat me up as much.

Hello, Peekaboo!
Hi, can i make an appointment for 1.30 with Karen today?
Oh sorry, she's already resigned.
Oh?! erm... How about... Joe?
Yes, he's in, would you like to book him?
Yes please...
Alright, 1.30pm it is, thank you!

Shoots, my stylist is gone, but YAY i manage to get a director stylist. So as much as i want to avoid having the 'hi nice to meet you' conversation i don't think i can. Will see! At least i know it's a director's cut i'm getting~ Toodles!

A New Beginning

I've been looking forward to start anew this new year.

I cleaned my desk, spring cleaned my home, colour coordinate my wardrobe, do my resolution list and last but not least... fulfilling them. If one must know, beating procrastination and kicking that forgetful habit is still on the list. I'm working on it; that's all i can say. I am also working on other 'issues' that bothers me in more ways than i can ever imagine. So i'm putting all the focus and energy into things that truly matters to me from now on, no more regrets, no more what if's and no more grudges.

Ushering the new 2008 couldn't have been any better and more meaningful. A dear friend tied the knot with her better half on the first day of the year. And almost becoming a tradition, i made a bouquet for her special day. When i imagined her holding a bouquet, i visualized shades of pink, green and cream. So we got soft pinkish roses, orchids and peony. It's the most costly bouquet i've ever made because the peony alone costs RM25 per stalk! We got only 2 because the supplies are low and they aren't really in the freshest condition. But since the sight of pinkish white peony don't come around all the time, i know i MUST get them for Vince irregardless!

I centered the peonies, surrounded with roses and orchids and as easy as it sounds, this is infact the most challenging bouquet i have ever done! The fact that the peony is blooming before my eyes and showing signs of wilting, i had to work fast! But my speed was also limited by the process of stemming the orchids, i don't know how but i did it in time and the bouquet made it through a day's trip from KL to Muar in the humid Malaysian weather before spending a night in the 'icu' (aka fridge) and finally making it's big debut at the marriage registration council and lasted for the photography session.

Jason & Vince 1.1.08

Su and i was appointed as their photographers on that day, and in return we were very well fed with yummylicious Muar delicacies, fun, laughter and memories. I am only glad that i am able to be a part of helping them built this ever lasting memory of their very special day. I think nothing matters more than two person taking the step to spend the rest of their lives together. It's such a big commitment come to think of it, i don't know how i even got myself into it so soon! But i think a lifetime's journey varies amongst everyone, there will be moments of joy and moments of hurdles, but whichever the moments, they help us grow and to accept, cherish and love one another in ways we never imagine we could.

So yeah, my year started out with much love and i have successfully taken away some of my issues and placed my focus on people who truly matters to me. I think i will stop here for now and go snuggle in my other half's arms.