Sunday, December 30, 2007

And i bid you FAREWELL 2007...

Thanks for all memories, but i won't be missing you...

This year went by like a bullet. I'm glad. Looking back, I am still in awed with all the lovely memories, experiences, love & friendship that i've gained throughout this entire year. No doubts, no regrets. Only a sigh of contentment and a pinch of sadness. I have stayed true to myself and those who accepted me for me, i love ya all. And those who doesn't, well... i wish them all the breast i mean best and whatever.
I'm taking a few minutes off to blog, before i get ready to attend yet another wedding. This year has been so full of new 'commitments'. Maybe it's the age group i am moving into, where one's careers is pretty much established, a relationship strongly built and tested through time and life experiences becoming abundance.
This year has shed new light on me and my whole life evolves largely in my own head, hands and faith in Him. I've learnt that living a happy life is like picking the good fruit off the tree. Sometimes, we might find a worm or two in the deceiving nice looking fruit. It's not like we deserve the worm but we can't really blame the worm for being a worm either!
I am still learning, mostly i am trying not to become a worm myself. My new years resolution... no particular details or list, but i would be to do many small little things which i know for sure i will be happy doing it.
Okay, time to change... i'm so freggin late... whoever you are reading this, happy new year to you and may you have nice shoes to start the year ahead xoxo

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I don't know about you...

So the birds have left us with some flu and other contagious diseases... but is this a little too far to get back at them?

From top: Prada Mohair Fur Clutch, $630. At select Prada stores. Fendi lacquered calf hair bag, $2,300, and wool, ostrich-feather and lizard bag, $3,860.

The head has got to be somewhere!

Maybe some people actually do appreciate these feathery skinned bags. I on the other hand find it slightly difficult to stomach as the bag is still very much a bird! Some calls it ground breaking fashion statement, but i personally feel that feathers makes better dusters than a bag...

Again, not everyone agrees with me. Fashion is after all VERY subjective and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Like this guy here proudly showing off his limited edition thanksgiving collection. At least i can tell where the zips and pockets are in this design.

I so totally made this up... i don't even know this dead-beat turkey killer! Oh well... watever~ Happy Hanukkah to you Mr Turkey killer!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tis the seasons to be jolly...

The festive sales are here!!!! I can't remember the last time i actually felt that shopping orgasm until lately. I was so spoilt by the incredible low prices one gets shopping at places like Taiwan and Thailand that i would even scream insanity at Vincci's shoes prices while the concept of Vincci+ had me cursing til my lips blistered.

Okay... maybe i am over-reacting. But hey, i thought Vincci's suppose to supply poor soles with designer imitations without robbing our lunch money. Rm179 for a VINCCI is rather crazy! One can get Nine West or Aldo with that money! At least the name's worth the pain of starvation.

So i stood firm by my integrity; while i don't always agree that looking good also means being broke, i believe in OPTIONS. For example:

The almighty Jimmy Choo creation
You can say hello to it for £375.00


The almost there Vincci version

You can say hello to it for RM32.95
(after the 50% festive slash)

My heart fluttered when i saw these shoes 2 weeks ago and was on the verge of BUYING it but knowing Vincci, they would usually clear out their stocks for 50% off during sales, so i waited patiently... and tahdah! That's why i have so many shoes and i am still not broke! muahahaha...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas in advance!

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is taking the rest of the week off to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. Having said that, my department had our own little celebration yesterday, and all i can say that it only gets better each year! The food was amazing, the presents were great... and most importantly, everyone had a great time together. Thank you so much for all the heart-felt gifts... i felt so special :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So it has been...

3 years, but it felt like forever...

It hasn't always been a bed of roses, but we made it through.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Is it me or do they LOOK ALIKE!?

The sky is the limit

A quote from a mentor, friend and on one significant moment, an angel who carried me with his wings.

Looking back the 11+ months, i realized that i have done quite a bit, traveled to a couple of places, met a few interesting people and gained so many more valuable lessons and memories in life. I have learnt more about myself, discovered my credibility and flaws and made my way closer to God. I understood more about humanity, the cruel truth and fighting spirit that people still hold strongly to in order to achieve freedom and peace.
I am still learning to deal with my ghosts; the past and present but i vow to let them go once this year comes to an end, it will be difficult, almost like tearing my skin off i for see, but healing can only take place when the pain has fully left. I was told it's okay to cry, to feel vulnerable and have a moment alone to seek the clarity of mind. And sometimes, we will find that we won't cry alone.
I will always be reminded to be grateful and thankful despite difficult times and that it's okay to know that some people are just there to hurt or put another down with their pride and arrogance. Hating is more tiring than loving. And it doesn't benefit anyone, so i have learnt to divert the energy to something worth while and that is to Love.

Someone told me that i'm taking 'the path' to realisation of something valuable. I think so too. I told someone that i have a gut feeling that i might die this year. But i would to rephrase that again; I've been reborned.