Monday, August 27, 2007

Taipei, here i come!

I'll see you guys next month~
Til then, happy err... independence day Malaysia...
*or whatever~*peace*

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Sweet Escape indeed!

No, i'm still not over the post Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape concert effect yet. Infact, i'm maintaining the heat just so i can jot down every single detail of my fever in here:

7.00pm - Dinner

Kelvin and Lil came over to Sunway to meet me, Kayan & her sis for dinner at where else but Sushi Zenmai. The concert starts at 8.30pm and Kelvin was chauffeur to all the ladies that night. Yes, he's probably the only surviving bachelor gentlemen alive today.

7. 45pm - Arrival

Just arrived Bukit Jalil stadium, Lil quickly told me to start camwhoring. Kelvin offered to hold the camera but hey... my Sony F88 is a flip back built for cam-whore audience, so stay at where you are and say cheese people! *opps... too much flash on me!* Lil looks so good from this angle... girl, you should pose like this more often ;p

When we got there, so did the other 4 thousand other peeps. No photos to show you just how crowded the whole place was, as my camera was all hidden and buried nicely in my makeup bag to prepare for a sneak in mission.

Yes, NO CAMERA or any form of recording device allowed. Then again, it was a bit ridiculous in this age of time. Almost everyone has a camera phone these days, so how do you justify that? Unless they decide to start confiscating mobile phones too!

I didn't want to leave without any 'documentation' of my encounter with Gwen. After all, this could be the ONLY time i will ever get to see her and breath in the same room as her! I was all prepared and had no problem whatsoever in passing through the security check! *beam*

8.30pm - Finally seated

I was all hyped and excited. And the fact that Gwen is actually there standing by to blast us all off out seats hasn't quite sunken in yet!

9.05pm - SHOW TIME!!!

The lights went off abruptly and 2 Harajuku Girls pops out from no where all of the sudden along with the crazy police siren effect! A Sweet Escape to begin with literally, and the crowd went berserk even before Gwen appeared!

So one can imagine how hard we all scream when she did finally appear!
Below: Gwen doing the cat burglar move!

For some reason, the opening act was slightly different from most her opening act elsewhere. She didn't come bursting out from the jail cell prop *wee disappointed* But then again, SHE'S REALLY HERE!!!! SO WHO CARES about the props!!!

OMG... Gwen is super HOT!!! She looks JUST like on TV and everywhere else!!! It was sooo surreal! I knew i will have a hard time registering someone i admired since her NO DOUBT days until her SOLO success *counts* OMGshhh... it's been 10 freggin' years!!!

Below: Gwen singing "Yummy", one of the very catchy tune from her latest album! And she's all dressed up like as a super hot yummylicious chef! *fuh*

Below: Singing 'Luxurious' with the 'geisha in tights'!

My favourite song of the night turns out to be "The Real Thing" from her LAMB album. It was because she dedicated this song her to ' the best thing that happened to her'; son Kingston James Rossdale *aww* and when she sang it that night, i actually 'heard' the song the feeling was indescribable! *hear it for yourself!*

I went to the concert with no great expectation at all accept with the glad feeling that i will even get to see Gwen perform despite the idiotic opposition muslim group's nonsense to call for ban; and the news actually made it to the news worldwide.

I cannot help but feel ashame to be a Malaysian when that happened as it shows how SHALLOW one can be to actually label someone like Gwen as a "bad influence!" These niaseng's really should take a sampan and go live in some isolated island and fly the kite all day!!!

Despite all the silly hoohahs, Gwen not only made it here in this almost loser country, she made so much sacrifices to her wardrobe which wasn't even provoking in the first place and entertained her Malaysian fans so whole heartedly!!

Despite the unwelcoming protest by those lil' mtfkrs, Gwen came to perform for us; the poor deprived Malaysian souls, and maybe she could feel our pain, she leaped off the stage and ran all the way back to let those people to smell her sweet sweat singing COOL. Omggg... i almost fainted, I think i really would if i'm one of those lucky dudes who got to touch her!!!! Wahhhhhh!!!!! sob, sob, sob!!!! I think she couldn't have picked a better song to to get up-close and personal with her fans and what she did was seriously ULTRA COOL!!!!

Yes Gwen, we're cool. Please adopt me!!!!

The entire concert lasted for 1.5 hours and Gwen covered pretty much both her albums cept for those not so hit songs. I guess the best part in the concert was how Gwen made a heck of an effort to acknowledge her Malaysian fans and shared with everyone about her 'family connections' in Malaysia, even claiming to be "practically a Malaysian" *faints* how HOT is that!?

I don't know how long i'll need to overcome the post Gwen encounter fever. But i definitely don't want the 'high' to end!

I bet thousands of M'sians were wishing that they were related to Gavin Rossdale's Malaysian step-mom just so they can be related to Gwen! *sulk*

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


She's SUPER HOT, HOT, HOT !!!!
& like Gwen calls it; "Absolutely Deeeliiiciousss...."

More updates soon, need to recover from the WhoahhHHhh effect!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Their TWO cents worth

I'm not as wise as i would like to be sometimes. But the people around me keeps me grounded and sain. When it comes to getting advice and comments, i would usually turn to a 'standard' few people from different walks in life for it. And their two cents worth seriously amazes me by far. Just like the other day, i was asking them what i should do to 'this person' whom i cannot imagine myself without my fist in their face literally 24/7. And this is what i got:

The Demure Gurlfren's 2 cents worth:
"Don't do it! She's the B***H and everyone knows it. You on the other hand, have poise. Don't sink to her level and handle it with class~"

The Cheerleader's 2 cents worth:
"I don't really care about the other person as far as i'm concern. But if you really want to know what i think; i would say Don't Bother lah, cause you really won't benefit from it, trust me. *takes a deep puff from the ciggy* But if you really think 'doing it' will make you feel better, then please do it because this is your moment, but be certain it will really makes you feel better. *takes another deep puff from the ciggy again*"

The Sister's 2 cents worth:"Please read Romans 12:17-21 and try to think about the consequences of your possible actions. Don't let earthly matters and doings affect your walk with Him. Hebrew 10:22 says; let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water."

The Karma-list's 2 cents worth:
"This is your emotions speaking to you, not your head. So what happens next if you do feed your fist at this person? Will it change the fact that they are the bad person they already are? And yes, they do feel the physical pain, and feeding on others pain makes you no better. Do you believe in karma? It's all going around in a never-ending circle. And if you want to 'heal' you will need to place your conscience away from all the pain and negative chi."

So will i be the fist punching crazy woman i picture myself to be? No, not anymore. Because with their heartfelt response, i felt that my troubles are in fact not even a fraction of someone else's burden. And i'm not gonna be a drama queen and all whinny about my own issues.

From there on, I was taught to deal with matters with Poise, Certainty, Faith & Conscience...

*Talk to my Hand*

A message dedicated to the people i 'care'.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Last...

I'm too lazy to blog about the recent happenings, so i decided to tag myself from Lil's post "The Last" whatever's just to amuse myself. So here goes...

The last time you received a card
2 days ago, it was a very lovely wedding invitation card :)

The last time you told someone "I love you"
This morning, but not in those exact words; it meant the same anyways...

The last time you exercised
2.5 hours ago *muscle starting to ache from the running*

The last music album you bought
Gwen's Sweet Escape cause i want to sing along in her coming concert and Mika's Life in Cartoon Motion!

The last thing you bought
Lingerie from La Senza with 70% off *blardy great buy*

The last movie you watched
Die Hard 4 @ the cinema & Blades of Glory from the DVD *still laughing thinking abt it!*

The last time you received flowers
June - On my birthday

The last gift you gave
Hhmm... today, but that person hasn't gotten it *yet* :)

Some last words to someone
"You need to reconsider you priorities" to a failing student

The last thing you do before you head out in the morning
Check my hair & make sure my shoes matches my outfit :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Every Tuesday should be like today

My morning at work started out lovely with a homemade cupcake on my desk from Kenny's other half- Dee Wee. How on earth did she know about my lust for 'em!? Nevertheless, it was ultra yummylicious and it inspired me to wanna invest on an oven and bake my own supplies!

Later on, the department got 'bombed'; Chienni came by (glowing like every bride to be) to give out the very anticipated event invitation! And the invitation is so-so lovely that we couldn't stop looking at it without going wahhhhhh... non stop!

I like Chinese weddings because most invitation comes with food! check out those 'kung fu' hands attacking the cakes!

Can't wait for the special day!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I am aware of Global Warming

SO, i am taking necessary steps and action to minimize the collection and usage of plastic bags or containers by going shopping with cotton slings and recycle paper into notebooks.

That's it?! did'ya say? Hey... at least i'm doing something on my own. What about you, *pokes* useless jerk!

Back to my recycling mission. I was doing some spring cleaning at the office a couple of weeks back and it struck me how much wastage and non-degradable trash we are throwing out to contribute to the environmental pollution.

"Reuse and recycle in style" i thought

Almost immediately, i got an idea to make notebooks and journals out of those one sided used paper and dated magazines. My 1st attempt wasn't exactly 100% successful but i'm sharing it with you guys nevertheless so you may modify the steps accordingly.

1. I folded the A4 paper into halves. The white & unused
portion facing outside while the used side remains hidden.

2. Cut out nice ads or graphics from dated magazines and
make sure you send remaining unwanted mags, newspaper
to recycling centers or collectors.

3. For the notebooks covers, i chose mounting board for my cover,
but any hard cover will do the trick as it will be re wrapped
with your choice of wrapper anyways.

4. As you can see, i chose a really nice orchid print ad i found
from some mags to wrap the mounting board that will act as
the front cover of my mini journal.

5. Stack them nicely and they are ready for binding.
Note: I had problem deciding a practical and economical
solution to the binding. As the cover of my notebook is really
hard, punched binding will make the pages wiggle and
sewing will take forever! So i tried comb binding for my 1st trial.

6. Tah Dah~ But...

7. It's rather expensive and it certainly discouraged me to
do anymore recycling projects!

Plus... the binding work was quite poorly done for that price
as the size of the comb was rather tight to accommodate
all the pages!

And, the most sickening of all...
the covers won't close without force!

Sienz...For RM6.50 binding, i also got FREE 'special effect'
Psst... Vision binding suxs
So that's that! And the book now has a new owner... Ah Su
Thanks for liking it enough to take it willingly! Kekeke...

Next recycling mission will be another similar notebook but definitely coming up with a new binding solution that doesn't cost me more than a brand new notebook! It must serves the purpose of recycling with fun & style and most important, costs almost zero moolah!

Til then, please do your part to contribute to our environment and share it with the world if it's something worthy, fun and creative!

From Lilian's Garden

This is so lovely that i have to share it with the rest of you; Roses harvested from my friends very own little garden at USJ! Not Cameron Highlands ok!
Salutes to her green-fingered granny! :)

I Wanna go Diving

And when i do, it's gonna be IN STYLE!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Harmless Addictions

Here's a story about the girl who lurrrveeessss presents; not for the presents, but for the wrapping paper that comes with it. And that girl is me!

Since young i've been a little, 'just a little' handy and troublesome when i would wrap things around the house up with beautiful paper (that includes newspapers) and then hide those packages in places that challenges one to find it because Christmas isn't here yet!

Yes, and don't ask me where i got that idea from. But i've been told by parents about how they would find the house keys wrapped in newspapers inside the fridge and a pile of fifty notes wrapped with brown paper stuffed in between the sofa. It was a treasure hunt for them with a cane threatening me to come clean with my hidden 'treasures'.

So I might have picked up a new fetish or two besides my lust for wrappers, but the addiction hasn't entirely vanish amongst my shoes. Will need to think of a solid compilation and collection method before the bugs starts feeding on my loveliness!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

August is also a good month to...

Give my Oh-So-CLUTTER-Blog a MAKE-OVER (again)!
But first, i'll need to find time and enough sleep <--- procrastination speaking

Taipei? Taiwanese? Help??

August is going to be a heck of a GREAT month because of many, many reasons... but one of the ultimate happenings would be the 5 days company trip to Taiwan! And a few of us will be extending the trip for another 2 days, so that makes ONE WEEK of Taipei frenzy!

Though going to Taiwan hasn't crossed my mind ever before (maybe not lately), i don't want this (free) trip to be just another tour guided and tourist slaughtering experience, SO... i'm doing my homework to find out more about Taipei and hopefully anyone who's been there before can give me some sort of tippers on what i should eat, buy, do and see when i'm there!

But of course, for starters... i'm warming up my commands of mandarin just so i can at least communicate with the locals (like bargaining for instance), but so far... i've been told to work HARDER on it, especially with that fake mandarin accent that's neither from China nor local. *blush*

As i unfold the list of things to prepare myself for before landing at Taipei, the first major obstacle would be to read the map... *Oh deary me~*