Sunday, June 17, 2007

One VERY UNHAPPY customer

Poor customer service; I've experienced many. But non of them beats the one i am about to share with the entire world right now!

Particularly Wh at ONE UTAMA!

YES, WH... you heard me! You can kiss my money good bye from now on, and i hope the rest of you are with me on this one!

What happened:

I was shopping at 1U few days ago with an intention to get something for myself (as a treat for my depression). I went to Zara, nothing there, Selfridge, nothing as well and Topshop, closed for renovation, so long story short, i ended up at WH and got a white T and a white 3/4 pants there.

I tried on their Size 1 and 3 and i preferred their size 3. For some reason, the girl who assisted me at the fitting room must have accidentally swapped between the 2 sizes when she walked me to the cashier to make payment. That was Thursday night.

Only yesterday (Saturday) i opened up the shopping bag with the intention to wash them cause the white tee was slightly stained with someones foundation (and i didn't make a fuss with them also!). So i started cutting the tag and THEN realise that the pants isn't a Size 3!

The first thing that came to my mind was how reluctant they were at exchanging their items eventhough it was CLEARLY NOT MY FAULT when i only realise that a top of bought i was slightly ripped. I took it back the very next day with the tag and receipt and everything and i was QUESTIONED TO THE MAX!

"You never check before you buy wan meh?"

That's EXACTLY what the sales girl asked me in a totally BITCHY tone. I was caught off guard with the way she was TRAINED to scrutinize customers. Because as far as i am concern, i am not inside REJECT SHOP, FACTORY OUTLET and any sort fo shops that sells BROKEN or REJECTED GOODS! If i knew your QUALITY is SO EFFIN poor, i WON'T even bother stepping in!!! Not to mention CHECK it!!!

ANYWAYS... back to what happened next.

Clearly, i couldn't fit a size 1, that's why i wanted a size 3 right? So, i HAVE to CHANGE it eventhough i was sort of still pissed at their after sales customer service. I took the pants back to them on Saturday night, with the tag and receipt. And i could smell MURDER when this girl took my pants and inspect every single inch of it when i mentioned the word EXCHANGE FOR ANOTHER SIZE.

She stood there, inspecting it FOREVER like some CSI detective and one point i can't believe she actually put it to her NOSE and SNIFF it!!! Then she walked away and to get the size i wanted and returned with a tons of questions!

Miss, have you wore this pants before?
Oh, no. (Cannot fit how to wear right?! dumbo bimbo!)

Oh, cause there's a stain here (points at a SMALL dusty stain which very likely got there when i/other ppl dropped it on their yucky fitting room when trying it)
*feeling offended* It was the only Size 1 i took to try, i don't know, maybe it was already there. I was going to get Size 3 anyway, not 1.

But i have six pieces hanging there in my stall (gives me the smart alleck look; like GOTCHA! you're so fucking lying!)
*stares blanky at her, disbelief at what she was trying to imply* DOES YOUR COMPANY have a PROBLEM with an EXCHANGING POLICY?!!

*Startled at my sudden outburst* (Changes her harsh tone to sweet and friendly manner) Oh, no... it's just that we have to make sure that the item that is exchanged is in good condition just to be fair to our other customers *twinkles & smiles*
*Fist clenches tightly* (God knows what i was about to with it) *ROLL EYES* Takes my bag and stomps off (with Lilian tottling along)

I was SOOoOOOooooo MAD after that, i seriously wanted to go back up there and ask that stupid woman for her name and give her a piece of my mind to get her ass fired!!! But Lilian held me back! And it would have been ugly IF i really did go back there! What would i say to her? This:

No.1 ://

your "just to be fair to our other customers" line woman! I bought your stained teeshirt without making a fuss and did the OH SO NOBLE Wh offered to give me a discount on it?! OF COURSE NOT!!! If you are so effin particular about your items quality, make sure that they are in 100% perfect quality before ppl pay for them! SO don't you "JUST TRYING TO BE FAIR" with me now!!!

No.2 ://
And that "I'VE GOT 6 pieces of Size 1 hanging in my STORE". WHY THE HELL SHOULD I CARE EVEN IF YOU HAVE A HUNGRED PIECES of size 1??!! I WANTED SIZE 3 HEARD ME??? THREE!!!!!!!

No.3 ://
Get some CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING!!! Or drop in other shops like U2, G2000, TopShop, Miss Selfridge, PADINI, METROJAYA (many more) to LEARN some MANNERS!!!!

.... i hope PAT LIEW is reading is! *hrmph!!!!*


joey.khor said...

whoa, i feel you hushie. the WH with yasmin's face wan ah? don't ppl know that everyone has a blog these days and how damaging it can be on their business if they fuck up? sohai.

Shoeaholic said...

yahlah! niaseng... when that happened ,i thought to myself: u're r so effin screwed now!!!

Anonymous said...

complain to her blog la hahahahaha

joey.khor said...

wat toking you? didn't you read her post? her blog as in yasmin's? you must be fucking stupid to make that comment. the only thing in common between yasmin and WH is the fucking poster on the pillar you moron. don't comment if you don't understand. you're way smarter that way, asswipe.

sorry hushie, i know its your blog, but he/she asking for it.

Shoeaholic said...

hahaha!! i went *roll eyes* when i saw that no brainer comment, nvr bothered responding. but hey, thanks for standing up and out for me or err actually... yasmin? lol!!!