Tuesday, May 29, 2007


and on the verge of breaking. My heart is pounding, my throat is dry, my stomach is cringing and at this moment in time, i really want to scream and be left alone, demand NOT to be taken for granted, DON'T go overboard with me, or TRY to test my patience.

I'm still breathing, still working, still keeping my cool. Avoiding conversations whenever i can because i'm not myself right now. I need an output point and i don't need comfort or an opinion.

Just let my mind fart it's poisonous thoughts.


joey.khor said...

i got an outlet for your outpoint which im sure you would do. go shopping for shoes man. that would trigger your fancy and very therapeutic.

Anonymous said...

*offers you e-cookies and tea*

- one of your bloghopping students

joey.khor said...

wah, students reading your blog ah. hmm, not a good sign my dear. it's like being a prostitute. you're open to everyone, and students are always not a good thing. :P good luck hushie. you need them all. you can have mine too.

Shoeaholic said...

'Anonymous', thanks for your concern :)

Joey, u're right somehow, I don't know why anyone who meant well wanna stay 'Anonymous'. It's like a peeping tom telling you that u didn't zip your pants, get what i mean?

joey.khor said...

haha. yea i totally get that. true dat hushie.