Friday, May 25, 2007


Was browsing through a stack of dated mags at a newstand the other day; with no intention to buy any of them. This particular very eye catching mag laid there before me. Bitch.

Who, Me?! Oh... *phew*

I like the title, so i bought it. And it's been my favorite dose of wit ingestion before bed since. It's not your typical kind of magazine that are colorful and creatively laid out, but trust me, no one really cares even though if it's all black and white and text-y when it comes to 'Bitch'.

Highly recommended if you're into philanthropies, feminism and eco-activism.

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joey.khor said...

damn, i've always wanted that name for a publication. anyways, thanks for the intro hushie. i'm sure to get it wan lor. haha. you know its a must read for me. i'm a bitch at heart. haha.