Sunday, April 29, 2007

Meditation VS Frustration

After so much happenings over the past few weeks, i finally had one slow day to relax totally and do stuff i usually don't have much time to do like meditate, cook, swim, blog and gather unwanted stuff to sell at Ebay.

Then, there's still the konked out washing machine which i thought i could get someone to fix it today, but that stupid mechanic said they only work half-day on Saturdays! And he only told me after he tore down and made a mess with my washing machine to remove a little part which he won't know how much the replacement is going to costs til Monday!


What the heck am i suppose to do then? Take a day off just to watch you fix it?! Seriously no cow sense lor these people! And that fella got the cheek to remind me that Tuesday & Wednesday's a public holiday somemore!

"Then i suggest you get it done by Monday" *GrRRrrR...*
I think that stupid fella's trying to bully me, seeing my size and all... he quickly promised that he'll call me first thing on Monday to inform me about the costs for the parts and get it fixed. Well, he'd better! Or he can eat my washing machine as breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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