Monday, April 30, 2007

Not so bad after all!

Wahlau... today's so not cut out for work man. With one day smack in between the weekends and 2 coming consecutive public holidays, you will find:

1. One seriously empty office
2. A few other pathetic people like myself
3. Cricket singing 'Negaraku' <-- (dun ask me why, it just came to my head since it's Monday!)


Yes, she did! But not 'literally' lar... so dun fret you people! LOL!!! We made her up for the sake of making her look 'Cina-ish'.

Anne is back for a week before heading back to Shanghai again this weekend. Suddenly people started appearing one by one at the office just to meet up with this chickaroo. We all received a *pau*pau* aka hug from her :)

Check out the 3(8) gal Ah Ni at the back posing in her new Bangkok tee! :p

And the pathetic office senario became a market place. Sharing stories; our recent Bangkok trip and bargains and Anne's recent Yoga cum spiritual trip to India. Below you can see Su and Dabian testing Anne's trained eyes to spot the FAKE designer watch! And Anne had it spot on! Anne claims that shopping at China has trained her eye to tell between counterfeit products from the real stuff! *Thumbs Up*

Later came Vince... And she brought along a bag of clothes which she bought from BKK but didn't want and couldn't fit. Initially, it was for Kayan (who's unfortunately on leave) but since it landed on our hands first the market scene officially establishes itself. Teck Yew grabbed an RM8 T-shirt while Leong is trying desperately to squeeze into his without distorting the Tee's graphic, which didn't quite work, so he gave up. I of course couldn't resist grabbing one or two things from there! And my quick kung-fu grabbing skills got me this funky-monkey top for RM14~

Yes, the Bangkok fever has yet subsided! *Poses for the camera!*

Then... many took turns to try this top on. Some couldn't enter, some couldn't button (boobs got in the way) And it fits Anne like a glove!!! So sweety Vince gave it to her as a present!

Me: *cheeky look* Thaannnks Vince! :D
Vince: hehe... in your dreams!
Me: *sulk* - Pays her RM14

And the market proceeds to Kim Gary for lunch and non-stop yakking!

Vince and her new (old) hair, so g'bye curls! Fascinating how one can straighten, perm and straighten it again without damaging the hair lor! :S

The guys... William looks weird here :S

Sweii also has a new haircut. She and her sis Su are so much alike now that they could easily pass it off as TWINS! And they had us all confuse from their behind!

No get together lunch is complete without a Gurl group pic!...

And the June babies trio! :)

The Grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side, so stop looking!

Life is too short to be unhappy.

Often times, we...

Look, but not see,
Hear, but not listen,
Want to be happy, but chose to be upset,
Have expectations but no satisfaction,
Compare than to be grateful,
Curse but not bless,
Magnify a problem than downsizing it,
Remember our enemies but forget our friends,
Take things for granted but forget to cherish

If i were to die tomorrow, i don't want to regret wasting most of my time feeling down and negative about life. Yes, i'm living like i have no tomorrow, you can too.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Meditation VS Frustration

After so much happenings over the past few weeks, i finally had one slow day to relax totally and do stuff i usually don't have much time to do like meditate, cook, swim, blog and gather unwanted stuff to sell at Ebay.

Then, there's still the konked out washing machine which i thought i could get someone to fix it today, but that stupid mechanic said they only work half-day on Saturdays! And he only told me after he tore down and made a mess with my washing machine to remove a little part which he won't know how much the replacement is going to costs til Monday!


What the heck am i suppose to do then? Take a day off just to watch you fix it?! Seriously no cow sense lor these people! And that fella got the cheek to remind me that Tuesday & Wednesday's a public holiday somemore!

"Then i suggest you get it done by Monday" *GrRRrrR...*
I think that stupid fella's trying to bully me, seeing my size and all... he quickly promised that he'll call me first thing on Monday to inform me about the costs for the parts and get it fixed. Well, he'd better! Or he can eat my washing machine as breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Friday, April 27, 2007

I Came, I Saw, I Bought

From now on, Bangkok shall be my staple shopping diet!

Don't hate me because i've lot's of NICE and CHEAP shoes :p

I left for Bangkok, mentally drained & tired, my face battling with breakouts and dry skin... and i came back, rejuvenated, fresher with smoother complexion!!! Facial products aside, I've proven that extreme hardcore shopping and great buys can contribute to one's well-being and health!

I wish i could blog down every single details of my shopping frenzy experience, BUT i've decided to create my very own 'SHOPPING AT BANGKOK 101' so you guys can shop to the max without burning a hole in your purse!

1. ARRIVAL @ Airport

Many tourist doesn't know about this. But boarding a taxi from the BKK airport can be slightly 'tricky'. You have 2 options, you can either take the limo cab/van which is located at the same floor of the arrival hall. OR, you can save BUNDLES if you take their ordinary cab which is located ONE LEVEL BELOW the arrival hall. You are required to pay an additional 50Baht service charge upon boarding the cab from the airport and also Tol charges along the way. So the amount you pay for a cab is:

1.Service Charge + 2.Toll Charges + 3.Meter Rate = Total Cab Fare

Shoeaholic's Tip:

1. Some sneaky drivers will try all sorts of attempts to swindle your money by increasing the cab fare according to their 'invisible' charges! There should be NO additional charges besides the one's which i have stated above! If your destination is located in the city center, your fare shouldn't exceed 300Baht!

2. When boarding a cab wherever you are, ALWAYS ask them to charge BY the METER! Or else, be prepared to pay a bomb!

3. The cab is more worth it and SAFER than riding a tut-tut!

Bangkok is nothing if you don't shop! And shopping at Bangkok is a breeze compared to shopping at China because their prices are naturally and visibly REASONABLE (unlike the crazy chinese who jacks up their prices til you feel like slapping their faces and scold them: YOU THINK I'M BORN YESTERDAY AH?!!)

Anyway, here's a list of Shoeaholics MUST SHOP places!

1. Chatuchak
(Opens only on Saturdays and Sundays)

Above: Vince posing with a Burberry as if wholesale bag! :)

What you can buy from there:
(Practically EVERYTHING under the Sun)
  • Apparel (clothes, shoes, underwear, sports jersey, jeans, bikini ETC. ETC!!!) for both gender and also cross gender
  • Food items
  • Household items (pots, pans, mugs, ceramics, blah blah blah...)
  • Home Decorative items
  • Souvenirs and wedding door gifts (by piece or bulk)
  • Live animals and pets nessesities!
  • Fresh and plastic plants and flower
    and lot's lot's more...

2. MBK
(Opens everyday! But closes quite early, about 9pm)

What is WORTH BUYING from there:
  • SHOES and that's all.

    You can get the same clothes, bags and accessories for MUCH lesser at Chatuchak and Pratunam, SO DON'T BOTHER looking! Their shoes generally costs 199 Baht, sometimes 259 Baht if designs are slightly more 'High Street'... but it's rarely the case. All of my shoes costs only 199 Baht per pair regardless the designs and i got them all at MBK!

3. Pratunam
(Opens everyday! But closes quite early, about 8pm)

What is WORTH BUYING from there:
  • Lot's and lot's of clothes!!!
  • Lot's and lot's of accessories!!!
  • Lot's and lot's of shoes!!!
  • Lot's and lot's of bags!!!
  • Lot's and lot's of wigs, eye lashes and whatever it takes to be a cross dresser!!!

    Pratunam is a HUGE place, and one can be easily misled to less interesting shopping areas. When shopping at Pratunam, ask the cab driver to stop you at Baiyoke Hotel and START from there. There's a stretch of road for you to SHOP til you reach the main road facing Platinum Wholesale Mall! Make sure you use the overhead bridge to cross the roads yah!

Shoeaholic's Tips:

1. To shop at Bangkok, you will need a BIG 'Wholesale' Bag. You can buy a relatively huge one from 100 Baht onwards at Chatuchak. It will help carry ALL your buys in it and sometimes, sellers starts offering you 'WHOLESALE' prices thinking that you are a wholesale buyer! They also have them in 'wheels' so you don't break your back shopping!

2. Bargain and how to bargain. First of all, Thai traders are generally very nice and pleasant to bargain with and you can easily close a deal with a smile on your face without being cursed for trying to rip them off. A general bargaining tactic which i use and find very effective is like so:

Me : *points* Tau Rai? (How much?) Trader : 200 Baht Me : *flash my wholesale bag* Wholesale price? Trader : 1 piece 200 Baht, wholesale 80 Baht... Me : wholesale 3 piece up? (before they say 6 or more! usually works! :D) Trader : Ah... yes, yes. (Answers may vary) Me : *grab*grab* More than 3 piece can be cheaper?? *grin*

Sometimes, they will lower it some more, but most of the time i think their prices are honestly reasonable and standard. The price range for clothing can vary from 50B (usually tees) to 180B for a nice chiffon or cotton blouse.

It's total MADNESS! For less than RM100 i can walk away with a totally new wardrobe! How can ONE not LOVE shopping at Bangkok?!! And we're talking about Great Value and Style! And i also found their product quality to be improving. Of course, don't expect Zara and Top Shop material standard and quality lahhh... *slap*slap* Sometimes, stuff i get from those shops doesn't exactly last long that oso...

I will blog more about the food at Bangkok as that's my 2nd priority but equal importance. Time being, i'm still pretty dazed from the non-stop shopping and not having to work for days syndrome. Will share more funky-monkey pics next round~


Friday, April 20, 2007

Thursday, April 19, 2007

So Shoe Me

The VERY WRONG perception about a woman who dresses well = HIGH MAINTAINENCE. And being a Malaysian woman, i feel that it's almost unforgivable to dress poorly because we've got all sorts of GREAT BUYS in EVERY DARN price range! And the best part is, economical buys does NOT always equals to poor product quality and style. Here's an example:

Christian Louboutin - USD$712
(For those who are really loaded)

Stuart Weitzman- USD$285
(For those who are, ah well, sorta loaded)

Vincci RM59.90 (USD$18.40)
(For those who works their ass off paying bills and loans BUT does it in style~~~)

Hate them or love them... still, thanks to Vincci, we get to have a little wannabe designers in all of us... Some calls it imitation... but i call it one FABULOUS looking peep toe heels, and i can trottle with them on our yucky Malaysian roads without hurting my pocket! Mwahahaha... So Shoe me!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

On bad weather and ugly shoes

Saturday 3.30pm

The weather has been really whacky these days. So much so that some people are beginning to behave rather whacky themselves, falling sick, getting cranky, loosing their temper and so on. I for one falls under the cranky category!

In the morning, it would be all bright and sun-shinny... so people starts doing stuff on a beautiful day, only to be deceived by it in the end with dark gloomy lightning bolt & thunderstorms just hours later! Past few day's climate has been killing me, when it's not raining, it's too hot... but when it rains, it doesn't exactly drizzle, the wind makes sure the rain goes side-ways as if to bitch with me.

Sunday 3.30pm - I hope the sun is here to stay!

I went for the CHAOS in Unison show at KL Pac yesterday. Photo taken by Kamasell. (P/S: Great photos dude! :) )

No photos by me because i respect their NO PHOTOGRAPHY policy, unlike that jakun sitting infront of me snapping away like a moron with his mobile phone and later got warned politely by the authorities. (tai sei!) Nevetherless, the show was hrmm... how should i put it... interesting? I have to admit that i expected more from it. And someone could have told me that they are going 'Experimental' this time! >_<"

I wasn't quite in a mood for experimental and abstract performance art yesterday, but i try to absord where the performers are coming from. I guess i didn't expect that a cliche instrumental performance could blend fine art and drama with it. I was expecting lot's of drumming, percussions, amazing martial arts and something to blow me away. In the 60 minutes show, i think the drumming only took place for a solid 20 minutes while the rest of time, the show potrayed *yawn* the drummers warming up, stretching, jogging, arranging their drums and throwing tantrums. That's exactly how i would put it literally. But hey, it's experimental... but then again 30 minutes of warming up with a guy running til his lungs almost fell out was abit painful and stressful to watch and it certainly increased the throbbing on my head. Like Mike said, it was an eye opener and even though short, the drummers are certainly very very talented.

Okay... switching topics now.

Some of you guys may have come across the newly opened CROCS flagship stall at Ikano Power centre recently.

Crocs what did you say?

They are the ones responsible for these fugly 'thing' called Shoes (below) No offense to the Crocs fanatics, but i don't know how these things can compliment one's style without being arrested by the fashion police AND not forgetting it's potential DANGER.

So what if it's pink, they are still one FUGLY thing!

Having tried them on myself, i have to admit that the rubber 'thing' feels rather comfortable because of it's bouncy effect thus absorbing body weight and impact while walking. So one probably feels less tired and painful walking in them although painfully unfashionable. Fortunately though, they do come in less ugly styles, take for instance their Athens range flip flops;

But hey, when i start paying RM129 for a pair of slippers to flip and flop around, you have the right to suspect that i have striked a lottery. And when that day does come, i'll buy you a pair of Crocs too ok? :)

In the meantime, allow me to recommend you something that comes in very similar style and surprising comfort for a better and very much reasonable RINGGIT! I present you the Cap Buaya version... ASADI, can be found at Giant or Carrefour hypermart.

In a quick glance, one can be fooled that it's actually a Crocs range. And it feels damn comfy and light! I got them for my coming shopping trip to Bangkok and hopefully the rubbery soles will help me do more walking! Oh, if you like their fugly clogs range, they have it too... it every colour that Crocs got them and it costs RM12.90

(photo taken by Baby Khong)

But would I get them for my kids after reading so much about those accidents at Singapore? Hmm... i really wouldn't risk it lor. Some people thinks those accidents were caused by the slipper, but it could be so many other factors as well since a child's feet is so tiny and can easily get trap in small gaps and spaces. I still advise all parents to keep a close eye on their kid when boarding an escalator!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Junk food whore

If only it tastes as bad as it sounds...

Mom, dad and bro got back from their 1 week Japan trip yesterday without me... :( and got me a bunch of sinful delights. And i've been trying desperately to loose those extra kilos i gained last Chinese New Year! They are seriously NOT helping me!!!

'KitKat Petit'?! How i wish it means getting me into the Petite size after gobbling it all down!

Mom said she doesn't know what else to get as everything's so costly after the currency conversion. And she's so used to shopping without being brand or label concious. Suddenly she was bombarded with labels and designer stuff which everyone claimed to be 'worth buying' even at RM700+ for a bag! Ok... it's a Burberry Blue label bag we're talking about and she was SO SO close at buying it for me! *soooooobbbbbbb* BUT didn't cause she couldn't find it the design in beige besides the pink cheques and she hates PINK!!!

"but.... it's still Burberry..." i whimpered sorely
"Ask Crystal when she's going to Japan again lah... then tumpang her to buy it, i buy for you!"
:( "hmmm... no lar, it's too $$$"

On second thought, if i want that bag, i should get it myself lor... Or atleast have my husband get it for me! :p Mike flipped upon hearing how much "just a BAG" costs! He doesn't get the logic to owning anything that's overly costly, especially when i can buy 2 return air tickets to Bangkok for a shopping spree with that kinda money. I agree that i don't need a freggin' RM700 bag when i can buy atleast 25 different decent bags at Bangkok with that money. Why get stuck with ONE mega cut throat one that can cramp my style, RIGHT?!

*8 more days to go... & HELLO Bangkok!!! *

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Making a Point

-some people should learn their places-

Yes, i'm upset and slightly disappointed (life is so full of it). I had the urge to make a point about some moral values and respect for others that i've learnt and been taught throughout my life especially at work (whether i like it or not), i thank every single good and bad that comes out of it because i've learnt heaps.

And the reminder i hold true to myself...

  • the greatest strength comes from believing our own mental strength and stability, like the saying goes, "If there's a will, there's a way".

  • boasting and putting others down only tarnishes the respect and trust others have for me no matter how good i think i am.

  • to always be humble and thankful.

  • to deserve better, i should learn to earn it and not claim it.

  • the grass ALWAYS seems greener over the other side.

  • what goes around, comes around

Saturday, April 07, 2007

*Drum Roll*

presents you
Okay, i have to admit that i think this is going to be my first time supporting the local arts & performance (not proud of it) *blush* Yes, our country do have lot's of happening stuff going on, and i'm just not bothered to go to any because they are usually too far away and driving plus getting a carpark at KL is murder to me! *bad excuse* i know... i didn't mind doing it for FAME, CATS and STOMP :p
Nevertheless, i was highly recommended to experience this show for it's impactful choreography and amazing drumming percussions. And i have heard and read alot of about this HANDS percussions doing well in competitions and shows internationally, it would be a pity to miss it i thought. So i got tickets! :)
If you happen to be at KL between 12-15 April 2007, do check them out. More information about the performance here.