Monday, March 26, 2007

I see you!

Not! But do check out the picture clarity from my D40! :D

Meanwhile... this week started off nicely at work.
We threw the 'baby' of our department - Sook Chiung
(aka Amber Mia) a surprise by getting her a new Motorola
mobile phone equipped with camera and color screen to replace
her old duotone polyphonic err... phone

It was really funny cause we wanted to surprise her
by secretly exchanging her phone with the one
we got her. So Sweii had to call her in to her room
and make up something to stall her for as long we could finally
figure out how to insert the sim and VERY quickly snap a group
photo and set it as her first wallpaper!

(Su the photographer)

When we finally had everything in place, we hid the phone
behind the card that we placed on her desk and had someone
call the new phone. When she got back to her place,
everyone observed silently while she reacts curiously
til she discovered her ringing present!

She was touched, at some point teary eyed even!
Haha... we're all happy that she's happy!
No more last generation ring tone at the dept anymore!
Oh wait... uncle Thomas still has a Nokia 3310! opps!

The funny but warm card :)

and we each got a hug from her in return :)
Happy Burfday again gurrrl...

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