Saturday, March 31, 2007

When boredom strikes...

Joanne ..................WKhong...................Sweii

I have to share this. The three of us played a super fun game on taking turns
to name an animal and then draw it discreetly before revealing the results.
It was super hilarious to see the results of individual visualisation abilities!

1. Camel

(middle) WK's camel hybrid dinasaur!

2. Frog

(left) my frog appears to have had botox!

3. Chick

(right) Sweii's poor chick is blind

4. Crab

(right) spider, kutu or pacman monster?

5. Deer

(middle) WK's deer + dinasaur (again!)

6. Chameleon

It's not difficult to tell that we've never seen one before! LOL!!!

7. Shrimp

A little unsure with their faces because we usually eat them headless!

8. Shark

(middle) WK's shark + dolphin

9. Lion

Someone's obviously unsure abt the lion's mane!

10. Koala

Check this out! we all drew one clutching a tree!
Only different bears and one cat (right)!

11. Kangaroo (my favourite!)


But no matter how strange some of our visualisations turned out,
nothing beats this next drawing someone fwded to me!

Title: My daughter can draw scissors

What Influences You?

I never really thought about it until yesterday

When Anna and Anja asked us about 'that moment' of influence which changed the course of our lifes; thus molding us as who and what we are today, many of us couldn't put our finger to it. I guess it's because being typical asians that we are, many were not brought up to question and identify ourselves as an individual.

And in general, many tied back one's influence of who and what they are today with family and friends where as non-asians would share a more personal discovery of self through other sorts of influences such as a course of event, first love and music and so on.

And the ironic part is, we are the ones who were brought up in a multi-racial community, spoken atleast 3 languages in our lifetime, diverse in religion, traditions and beliefs... yet many are still intimidated to speak up and express themselves without clinging on to a security pillar.

That's also another reason why i feel Malaysians have trouble setting trends and statements without western influences. Take for instance, our locally bred Jimmy Choo who made it big at UK. And because his name was ( and still is) 'soaked with salt water' (chinese term for been abroad), Malaysia being the typical thick skin parasitic whore gave a loud and proud shout out that "HEY... JIMMY CHOO's MALAYSIAN ya know!"

Same thing happened when Australia announced their first Idol, Guy Sebastian. When he won Aussie Idol, it also made it to the local headlines that "Boy from Klang wins Australian Idol!" Seriously nauseating! Not like he was influenced by his parasitic homeland to cause him win! Moreover, it's also a point that talented people can't seem to make it locally thus driving them far away for better opportunities to stand out as an individual. Those who have had the priviledge to receive their educations abroad or live there would probably understand what i mean.

And as i see it, children over here are often educated to think in general instead of individually. So despite the endless possibilities of influences one can get to stand out as a strong individual, they ended grouping up like a pack of monkeys playing monkey see, monkey do. Creative thinking is still far behind for us...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Button Addict

I suddenly developed a craze over buttons & badges design.
If only i have the button making machine to actually make and wear them :(
but i couldn't seem to find them at Malaysia,
i heard they are available in Singapore and Thailand.

Can anyone help me out here?

Monday, March 26, 2007

I see you!

Not! But do check out the picture clarity from my D40! :D

Meanwhile... this week started off nicely at work.
We threw the 'baby' of our department - Sook Chiung
(aka Amber Mia) a surprise by getting her a new Motorola
mobile phone equipped with camera and color screen to replace
her old duotone polyphonic err... phone

It was really funny cause we wanted to surprise her
by secretly exchanging her phone with the one
we got her. So Sweii had to call her in to her room
and make up something to stall her for as long we could finally
figure out how to insert the sim and VERY quickly snap a group
photo and set it as her first wallpaper!

(Su the photographer)

When we finally had everything in place, we hid the phone
behind the card that we placed on her desk and had someone
call the new phone. When she got back to her place,
everyone observed silently while she reacts curiously
til she discovered her ringing present!

She was touched, at some point teary eyed even!
Haha... we're all happy that she's happy!
No more last generation ring tone at the dept anymore!
Oh wait... uncle Thomas still has a Nokia 3310! opps!

The funny but warm card :)

and we each got a hug from her in return :)
Happy Burfday again gurrrl...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A little of everything...

(Touch down... Botswana)

I haven't been doing an honest update for the past few weeks. Maybe because i'm having trouble getting use to my sudden but temporary 'emptiness'. Yes, i'm having trouble being 'alone' since i haven't really experience that for a while now. It makes me realise how much i rely on someone emotionally without really knowing it...

Nevertheless, self pity aside and a quick update about the recent spontaneous 'makan' trip i had with my collegues cum friends last weekend at Klang.

(Pic above: Ikan Bakar aka Sting Ray *yum*) The food wasn't exactly fantastic compared to many other places we can find at PJ and KL but everyone had lot's of fun and laughter that evening, so the food didn't really matter... Feels like Chinese New Year all over again!

And because everyone was so happy that night, we had beer. I cannot remember the last time i drank beer and because i react badly to alcohol (swollen eyes and everything!), so i try to stay away from it whenever i can, but the environment was just too festive NOT to have any, and so i had and guess what? NOT a single side effect at all!!!! And i actually loved the taste of beer that night!!! Su even said to me: Wait til you taste Chang Beer at Bangkok!!!! Whoa... i am looking forward to our April Bangkok trip already woman!!!

But of course, i have more than beer for a damn good reason to look forward to my Thai trip... i present to you, my new addition to my obsession for gadgets besides shoes;

Yeaaaah BABYYYY~~~ Nikon D40 *sizzles*

Yeap, i'm taking back photography since my Canon EOS 500N days (too long ago!). I kept looking back at those amazing shots i took when i was still at Melbourne including a series of profile shots i took for magazines and earn myself some pocket money and portfolio. Also, photography allows me to get my butt out there and take my static mind to look at things from a different perspectives :)

Taking about perspectives, The One Academy is currently holding an exhibition about AIDS Awareness called "How do you know what you know".

Targetted mainly at teenagers and youth alike, it's a move to educate the very narrow minded Malaysian public more about the importance of SAFE SEX and risks from DRUGS to the prevention of contracting the virus with thought provoking comics, posters and t-shirts. So if you're around the block, do drop by and pay the exhibition a visit :) or if you're too far away, you can get a glimpse of the exhibited work at

Friday, March 16, 2007

"Do it yourself, or be prepared to do it again"

Had an oppotunity to sit in a very inspiring and down to earth sharing by Jason Groves of Shynola from UK today. Despite all the great work Shynola has produced the past few years, Jason made it sounds so easy for the students to relate to and be inspired that great work doesn't always come from expensive equipments and tools or high qualifications. One point which he stressed alot on was about how hiring people to work for them doesn't really help as they always end up re-doing it. Well, partly i agree that people who work 'under' another may not share an equal vision if not passion. But then again, not being able to convey instructions effectively also reflects your inability to communicate and lead, duncha think?

*fruit for thought*

Hmmm... somehow, that stirred my thoughts abit and i realised that i too had that "DIY" tendency because of the trust issues. And i hold strongly to that from the day i realised that others will not be hold accountable for the mistakes or the wrong judgement you make.

Yes, it's a calculative world out there as one's failure could be used as an immunity by another for not being the YOUR failure position. In other words, it's always YOUR fault no matter what because you were placed to lead the pack in the very first place. But it's already too late... the damage has been done and suddenly someone comes by with a 'REMEDY' to salvage the so called problem. But of course, that usually doesn't come without the 'I told you so' or 'You should have seen that coming'.

My point is, NEVER DEPEND on anyone to save your ass when it does catches fire. Instead, be prepared to put out other's fire and not expect any gratitude because it can save your own ass from getting fried.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

:) I had a Good Day... (literally)

Just got back from a really nice dinner at Marche with a friend whom i haven't seen for quite long. It's nice to know that you're in someone's thoughts and that they still bother to check out on you once a while to make an effort to be friends.

Today's one of those 'smooth sailing' days for me. Surprisingly smooth traffic to and fro, nice dinner with a friend and was chauffered to my car by the security personnel at The Curve shopping centre! Oh gee, that sounded like i've done something wrong!

No, its like that... I parked my car at B1 and for some weird reason, they locked up all access to B1 parking after 10pm and i ended up at B2 instead. It is one of those moments when i was caught with a blabber full of water! And couldn't find my way back to my car didn't improve the situation! I looked all over me and was feeling slightly petrified... but then, i noticed a security guy doing his rounds on his bike and asked him for directions to B1, then he asked me to wait while he page for 'Bahgi'.

Bahgi? Who the heck?

Feeling slightly impatient, i kept looking for a possible faster way before Encik Bahgi comes along... THEN...

toot toot toot...

OHHHHHH.... BUGGY kononyaaa....
hahaha!!! i was so amused and relieved!!!

A nice shiny white 9 seater buggy drove up with already 2 other passengers on it. Like a taxi, the driver asked me where my car's at and it's exact location and off we went!!!

MANNN... it was FUNNNN!!!! :D We went up the slopes and came across other buggies driving other passengers off to get their cars. Suddenly i felt like a little kid taking those amusement park tram rides! The best part about The Curve's parking is their clean, bright and cooling carparks... with the Buggy service i'll give them A x a gazillion PLUS thumbs-up!

The driver dropped me off right at my car and actually Thanked me before wishing me "GOODNIGHT miss"

*jaw dropping good manners and services man...*

First, nice traffic flow, then unexpected pleasant service at Watson (they let me and my friend in to buy RM5 facial cottons eventhough they have locked up the cashing counters and closing down the gates!)

If only we get this sort of treatment from every single person EVERYDAY, not just service providers but common people we meet everyday in our lifes as well, Malaysia is gonna be one damn super place to live! But before i begin expecting it, i'm gonna be nicer to others as well, and hopefully they will also blog about it like i did! :)

Friday, March 09, 2007


It's always a nice feeling to know that you have someone to lean on minus the uncalled for resentment.

It's tiring to see others using their insecurities as weapons to destruct friendships and trusts. Blame it on the material world. People gets intimidated by another's success and fortune. Whether if it's happiness or wealth. Sincere frienships are harder to come by. Not without the usual smurks and occasion comparison of social standards and lifestyle.
Somehow the human conscience has slowly turned to be suspicious and envious rather than please and content.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


It's going to be a
Loooonggggg... looonnggggggg March
for me.