Friday, February 23, 2007

Self Discovery

I did some self searching today and am quite surprised by a few of them...

  • My big toe curls in when i walk
  • My right nostril is bigger than my left
  • My pinky finger is pretty long compared to many people
  • I cannot bend or fold my ears like many people
  • I have a mole under my left armpit
  • I tend to turn around with my waist instead of my neck, thus leading ppl to think i've got a stiff neck most of the time
  • I love the sound of the violin, piano and guitar so, so much!
  • My favourite language is Japanese
  • My favourite word is 'Lovely'
  • I went to an all girls school for one year and hated it
  • My grandmother pierced my ears when i was 7 with golden hooked earrings and ginger to numb the lobes, am still traumatised by it til today
  • I'm born with 2 missing 'gigi kacip' in my lower set of teeth
  • I had an admirer at the age of 8, his name was Kah Choon
  • He was also the first boy who kissed me (without my consent) I screamed and cried and we ended up in the principals office with me threatening the principal to expell him, which obviously didn't happen
  • I also got a marriage proposal from him, he proposed to me with a new pencil and eraser (i was tempted to say yes at that time)
  • I encountered a Singh flasher at the age of 10 outside the school fence. My friend and i had no idea that he was a sex maniac and ended up laughing at his 'kuku-malu'. No, my innocence wasn't robbed, to me it's only a 'small' male sexual organ
  • The only time i drank black coffee was in 1995, the first day of my PMR examination
  • I went to the mega huge Michael Jackson's concert in 1996 on a school cum examination night. I was so blown away by the whole experience that i failed my Commerce papers (but it was so worth it, will do it all over again too)
  • I've never been to a nail parlour before
  • I've only had 2 professional hair treatment so far
  • I've only tried 2 professional body massage; Thai massage and Aromatheraphy massage
  • The only Spa i've tried is a foot Spa and it was thrown in for free after the massage i had
  • Tried facial once (and hated it)
  • My most expensive pair of shoes doesn't exceed RM200
  • My most expensive handbag doesn't exceed RM200
  • I don't have running shoes (no, seriously)

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Lilian said...

HAHAHAHA! he proposed with a pencil? was it encrusted with diamonds? :P