Friday, February 23, 2007

Self Discovery

I did some self searching today and am quite surprised by a few of them...

  • My big toe curls in when i walk
  • My right nostril is bigger than my left
  • My pinky finger is pretty long compared to many people
  • I cannot bend or fold my ears like many people
  • I have a mole under my left armpit
  • I tend to turn around with my waist instead of my neck, thus leading ppl to think i've got a stiff neck most of the time
  • I love the sound of the violin, piano and guitar so, so much!
  • My favourite language is Japanese
  • My favourite word is 'Lovely'
  • I went to an all girls school for one year and hated it
  • My grandmother pierced my ears when i was 7 with golden hooked earrings and ginger to numb the lobes, am still traumatised by it til today
  • I'm born with 2 missing 'gigi kacip' in my lower set of teeth
  • I had an admirer at the age of 8, his name was Kah Choon
  • He was also the first boy who kissed me (without my consent) I screamed and cried and we ended up in the principals office with me threatening the principal to expell him, which obviously didn't happen
  • I also got a marriage proposal from him, he proposed to me with a new pencil and eraser (i was tempted to say yes at that time)
  • I encountered a Singh flasher at the age of 10 outside the school fence. My friend and i had no idea that he was a sex maniac and ended up laughing at his 'kuku-malu'. No, my innocence wasn't robbed, to me it's only a 'small' male sexual organ
  • The only time i drank black coffee was in 1995, the first day of my PMR examination
  • I went to the mega huge Michael Jackson's concert in 1996 on a school cum examination night. I was so blown away by the whole experience that i failed my Commerce papers (but it was so worth it, will do it all over again too)
  • I've never been to a nail parlour before
  • I've only had 2 professional hair treatment so far
  • I've only tried 2 professional body massage; Thai massage and Aromatheraphy massage
  • The only Spa i've tried is a foot Spa and it was thrown in for free after the massage i had
  • Tried facial once (and hated it)
  • My most expensive pair of shoes doesn't exceed RM200
  • My most expensive handbag doesn't exceed RM200
  • I don't have running shoes (no, seriously)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spring is here!

Unlike some countries, we only have Summer in our weather forecast all year long:

Wet Summer: Oct-Dec
Spring Summer: Jan-Mar
Summer Summer: Apr-Jun
Windy Summer: Jul-Sep

Gong Hei, Gong Hei... Chinese New Year (aka the Chinese Spring Festival) has arrived with a warm sun and beautiful clear skies. Unlike yesterday, it was raining the whole morning til evening, thus got myself all sloppy and drenched from the last minute shopping and running around to prepare for new year.

Everyone was especially cheerful, for the first time ALL the cashiers i came across initiated small talks with me, asking me if i was shopping for the New Year and lamented to me about how busy the mall was for last few days.

If only everyone is in this chirpy mood everyday...

I managed to buy some new clothes and shoes in SUPER last minute. It's been awhile since i manage to get anything at all, if i didn't have to rush off so soon, i would have gotten more stuff! But the feeling of finding a good bargain is truly a great feeling! ;)

OH, MNG at 1 Utama has closed down (maybe they relocated, not sure-lar)! But am not surprised lor, their stuff is starting to suck big time. Over priced for no reason and their loosing the fashion edge! With Top Shop on their left and Forever 21 on their right, it's really not difficult to find something SERIOUSLY BETTER elsewhere. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself;


Oversized floral prints blouse

MNG sure knows their market audience...

Scary heart shaped sunnies and scary everything!

"Aything that is sheer and reviews the underwear is trashy & WRONG!"
quote by Michael Kors

The hot pants and the boots are just plain

Meet Maria...

Mario's long lost sister :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I've been gathering my thoughts for the past few days so i could blog about it all at once like an instant noodle effect. Fast to cook, good to eat.

I was going to blog about some stuff that i've been doing or have done.

And i was also going to blog about Valentines Day and my views about the over commercialized celebration.

BUT... something happened and stole not only the headlines of my blog but the entire nation's newspaper this morning.

They are my family friends. To be specific, my father's best mate's son-in-law and grand children are the deseased.

Everyone's heartbroken now.

I for one am, as the children are extremely young and innocent. Strangely enough, i was just thinking about the kids lately because our family would always gather together for a New Year dinner at the uncle's restaurant. Freaky i know... since i ALWAYS have strange intuitions of things. People whom i suddenly thought of out of the blues would often pop out from no where infront of me. But this is startling.. i fear thinking about people now...

I won't elaborate about the details of the incident in respect of the grieving family, that wasn't my point of highlight as well. My entire family is still in shock about the news as one never ever expects such tragedy to happen to them or their loved ones.

Part of me is grieving for the children and Susan. And part of me angry at that selfish prick!


I'm screaming so hard that i hope he doesn't get to rest in peace for what he 's done. Yes, i'm damning him.

Lot's of question right now.

For someone as educated as he is, would actually resort to suicide.

Dad said that no matter how difficult life was in the past, eventhough with an average of 5-8 mouths to feed, NOBODY in the right mind would take their own and children's life! It's true that dad says that people have changed so much... always looking for the easy way out. Thinking that ending their misery is the answer to all problems.

Mike couldn't understand how depression could consume one person's mind and sanity to the point of murder and suicide over night... but we all know this didn't happen overnight. His depression was obviously not treated the right way. Our country still lacks the openess of discussing such taboos, fearing that people would label you as 'mental'. Anyone of us could easily fall into such traps of not knowing when our right mind took another turn, for the worst...

I think we could all try to play a part to try curb such tragedies. From now on, i will try my best to listen more than what is said... look out for otherwise signs that the person might need more than a listening ear, perhaps someone who can untie their toubled knots.

Are you listening hard enough? Or do you want to be heard?

There's an answer to everything and it only takes time to get through it. Never take matters of life and death into our own hands.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Just bitchin'

Was at Borders and came upon this paperback:

Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman's Guide to Winning Her Man's Heart

Err... I don't think the book genre's right for me, so i didn't bother picking it up when i saw it at Borders yesterday. But heck, i can't stop thinking about the fact that (in general) 'mean girls' always have no prob being hooked up to a mister nice guys... not to mention how LOW men will go for a 24hr booty call trashy hootie girlfren.

Case Study No.1 : Mr JOHN MAYER

I use to admire his music, talent and the whole package all together.. He's like the goodie two shoes boy that every mom would want their daughters to date, marry and have a family with. But yeah... looks can be deceiving... as much as i pray that it isn't true, the tabloids have it that he and Jessica (I'm like so hot) Simpsons are dating...

*roll eyes*

Okay, i'm gueassing lah... She probably gave him a real 'mouthful' on their first date and John being the oh so innocent romantic hopeless boy probably got his first explosive sinful "o" from her, which i then guess (again) he defined it as love. Poor poor boy...

They seriously look damn wrong for each other! Either he's under dressed or she's over doing it (again) !!! Jessica looks like his mother! Ewww...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

'Campur rojak' emotions

Finally took the BIG leap to directing the music video with 24 talents inside yesterday! Won't blog much about it now as the photos are not in yet. But i'm quite glad everything went as planned and the team was super effecient and professional. Thank God for that!

With one BIG "phew" out from my chest now, i could finally rest and hopefully get rid of that neckache that has been bothering me badly for days. Doc said it's caused by 'computer' strain and my muscles are inflamed... need more workout, he says, such as swimming! Hmm, i agree... along with the more water and fluid too as my tongue ulcer is also not going away since last week.

Anyways, just a quick update on my last weekend's happening...
  • Spent one freggin' day at MV and got NOTHING... Lil and i was pretty dissappointed as we were SO ready to shop and make ourselves happy peeps that day.
  • Got flowers from mua man! He's not the flower buying type of guy and neither am i the flower lovin' gurl, but he said he had to buy them cause it was going dirt cheap in an after event sale... so yeah, i had a lovely surprise nevertheless... :)

  • I was bitched at over the phone by the apartments administrative clerk. I was merely inquiring about any available parking lots available for rent and the price then she told me there's one and it's RM600 for a year until December 31st. I went Hmm? So, its Feb already, does that mean its going to cost less than...
    "...That's the final price for rental until 31st Dec 07, you can either take it or don't, only one left!"
    *silence terror* i was so on the edge of screaming back at her, but instead asked her again if there's any difference in rental charges since it's already Feb (so hard to understand meh my question?! do i sound like i wanna bargain with you ar?!) I then ended the conversation by asking her what her name was *ngeh, ngeh, ngeh...* she then turned all sweet and nice over the phone and says "Catherine"


    Isit just me or are administrative ppl general this BITCHY?! It's not my first terror attack by grumpy administrators, and they usually come in the same package wrapped in out-of-style polyester suits *chehHH*

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Learnt my lesson the unfashionable way...

Regrets, i've had many... but if it costs me a pair of good shoes, i have reasons to kick myself real hard and good.

Come on, what on earth was i thinking?! Plain White shoes?!!!
I never even bought such WHITE shoes for my wedding!
This is ONE mistake i VOWED never to make EVER again... i was rushing to buy a pair of shoes and initially i picked out a pair of wedge heels but they ran out of my size, thinking that it's probably no bigga diff from my other wedges, i heroicly got a pair with a size smaller... without trying somemore!!! Of course, when i got home to try them on, the straps didn't fit around my FATSO ankles and i went back (2 weeks later) to hopefully exchange them for a bigger size. As shitty as my luck's been... they ran out of whatever size and in every damn color... after spending a real long time trying on almost everything, this is actually the ONLY thing that looks good on me at that time... *Sob*

BUT... i redeemed myself soon enough...

i found these lovelies for 50% off!!! HAH!!! Some SHOE luck finally!!!!

Not only are they really comfy and affordable... they are pretty close to these pair of BCBGirls camel wedges that i found from!

It's one of those days...

when i wished i never have to leave my house to face the awful world... when things decides to go wrong... they tend to hit ALL at once... then again, it didn't go ALL the way wrong either, so my emotions were swung about back and forth like a fish that was caught, then thrown back to the sea only to be caught again and thrown back again...

i tried crying, but there were no tears, i screamed the hell out but felt utterly foolish... so, instead of scheming a murder, i decided to gather all these coped up energy and release it on the music video which i will be directing next week~~~ i'm so looking fwd to it right now... ***