Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another Photoshop wonder...

This is Amber Chia...

This is an Amber Chia look alike - June; A collegue of mine who bears an eerily close resemblance to the Guess supermodel! No extreme alteration to her features other than the Photoshoped Make-Up i did on her to match Amber's covershot. Haven't played with Photoshop make-over for awhile now... almost forgot how much fun it can be!
Check out the pre-photoshoped pic...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Taking a stroll down memory lane...

It was 1987 i think, and after watching that video, i dreamt about owning a 4 postal bed and Kylie's lovely locks; prancing about singing I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY, LUCKY LUCKY LUCKYYY....
*end of dream*
Continues with homework with grandma watching with her steady cane *gulped*

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Yesterday we had our annual company dinner and this year, we had Hawaiian Beach as theme and the dinner was held at an artificial lagoon just walking distance from our office. Of course, when the venue of the dinner was announced, everyone sorta went 'booooo...' cos we usually have it somewhere fancy at the city... little did we know that the lagoon was newly built and it almost seemed like a real beach! Boy, were we glad we wore flip flops there as recommended by the organising committee else i'd be sinking in the sand in my heels already!

The night was much fun, with a great opening performance by some sexy Haiwaiian 'flame dancers' followed by games, lucky draws, performances and booty shaking. And this years lucky draw, our department was in for some super luck! Every single one of us won something and the prizes ranged from AHOBA hamper to RM1k cash to a slim 21" TV!!!!! We were literally screaming the whole night when someone's number from our dept got hit! I got RM100 cash, not alot comparing to SOME PPL!!! But it's still better than going home empty handed...

The list of who-got-what:

  1. Me - RM100
  2. KL - Juice extractor
  3. MM - Freggin' RM1000!!!! He's so buying us dinner!
  4. Vince - RM100
  5. Sweii - RM100
  6. TL - RM200
  7. Ando - RM150 JJ Voucher
  8. WK - RM100
  9. Kayan - AHOBA hamper
  10. SC - RM300
  11. Kenny - RM500!!!! He's so buying us lunch!
  12. TY - 21" Slim TV!!!!
  13. TT - RM100
  14. EU - Multipurpose Cooker
  15. MM DEPT - Hamper for winning 2nd Game challenge!

The list of PHEW, thank goodness we didn't win it!

  1. Sunway Lagoon FREE tickets for the family!!!
  2. Set of Pentel markers!!!
  3. Toaster!!!

.... and many others which i couldn't bother to recall! :p

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

X'mas is Over - NOT!

Yeap... Xmas is still lingering for some ppl like me! I got a belated X'mas pressie from gal pal Lilian today! We ALWAYS do belated everything but i must admit, it's so much fun-ner!

Anyways, we did our gifts exchange outside my office, at the carpark... not the ideal place i know, as she just dropped by and handed me this mega huge pressie while i pass hers in a small little bag *blush* i can only silently hope that she likes it as my dear friend is known for her exquisite tastes~

I happily drove home with my big present guessing what it could be due to the size and rather heavy weight... and with some hints here and there, Lil did mention something to do with shoes... so i guessed it to be a shoe rack or storage?! Then again, knowing her... it would be an insult to her taste for gifts, so i guessed it to be a super funky shoe rack!
Got home... hopped onto the sofa with Mike sharing my enthusiasm to find out whats wrapped up... i peeled the wrappers as patiently as i could and went...


took me awhile to realise that there were few more underneath, so i went *gasped*gasped*gasped*gasped*gasped*!!!!!
Check out my FREAKING AWESOME pressieeee!!!!

I got a series of framed up lovely victorian S H O E S~~~~~ If only i could show you how big it is and how lovely the details of the art pieces are... Thanks again babes! *xoxo* I'm gonna spend my weekend putting them up at my pateo!!! Will shoe i mean show (hahaha) u all the results after that! :D

Life is Short, What have you done?

What would you do, if you wake up one day to find out that your days to live are now numbered?

As much as i try imagining what it would be like to be in her shoes, i will never know. But i do know how shocked one must be to be told that there's a growth inside your head and it is life threatening if left untreated. The thing is, no one guarentees the results of the treatment, an operation could go horribly wrong or scar her life and ability to be independant forever. I've almost seen or heard enough to fear the worst. It's sad to know someone who's living a day at a time not knowing what's going to happen tomorrow, or if there is a tomorrow even. Life is so unpredictable and the worst always catches one when they are most unaware of. I can only pray that He would be gentle with our fate.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I will miss you all...

Waking up at 9am

Brunch at 11am

Groceries shopping during non peak hours

Be a couch potato

Laundry on weekdays

Water plants during mid-day

Lie outside the lanai read and stare at the skies

Sew curtains and chair covers

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Slow, but i can take it (Still)

Streamyx oh streaymx mengapa engkau lambat?!
Macam mana aku tak lambat, ada kabel putus, ada kabel putus...
Gee... simple routine as retrieving my emails has become a real pain on the choo-choo eversince the recent Taiwan earthquake which happens to fall on the 2nd anniversary of the tragic Tsunami incident. Not that i am complaining (like those techy nerds who're cursing and swearing online just because they can't upload and download stuff as fast as they paid for...) I mean, think about those who are actually caught in the earthquake, NO, NO, no need to think that far off, just think off those at JB, Pahang and Melaka who lost everything to the recent flood. So what if the internet is slow?! Get a life you no life FREAKS!