Sunday, December 30, 2007

And i bid you FAREWELL 2007...

Thanks for all memories, but i won't be missing you...

This year went by like a bullet. I'm glad. Looking back, I am still in awed with all the lovely memories, experiences, love & friendship that i've gained throughout this entire year. No doubts, no regrets. Only a sigh of contentment and a pinch of sadness. I have stayed true to myself and those who accepted me for me, i love ya all. And those who doesn't, well... i wish them all the breast i mean best and whatever.
I'm taking a few minutes off to blog, before i get ready to attend yet another wedding. This year has been so full of new 'commitments'. Maybe it's the age group i am moving into, where one's careers is pretty much established, a relationship strongly built and tested through time and life experiences becoming abundance.
This year has shed new light on me and my whole life evolves largely in my own head, hands and faith in Him. I've learnt that living a happy life is like picking the good fruit off the tree. Sometimes, we might find a worm or two in the deceiving nice looking fruit. It's not like we deserve the worm but we can't really blame the worm for being a worm either!
I am still learning, mostly i am trying not to become a worm myself. My new years resolution... no particular details or list, but i would be to do many small little things which i know for sure i will be happy doing it.
Okay, time to change... i'm so freggin late... whoever you are reading this, happy new year to you and may you have nice shoes to start the year ahead xoxo

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I don't know about you...

So the birds have left us with some flu and other contagious diseases... but is this a little too far to get back at them?

From top: Prada Mohair Fur Clutch, $630. At select Prada stores. Fendi lacquered calf hair bag, $2,300, and wool, ostrich-feather and lizard bag, $3,860.

The head has got to be somewhere!

Maybe some people actually do appreciate these feathery skinned bags. I on the other hand find it slightly difficult to stomach as the bag is still very much a bird! Some calls it ground breaking fashion statement, but i personally feel that feathers makes better dusters than a bag...

Again, not everyone agrees with me. Fashion is after all VERY subjective and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Like this guy here proudly showing off his limited edition thanksgiving collection. At least i can tell where the zips and pockets are in this design.

I so totally made this up... i don't even know this dead-beat turkey killer! Oh well... watever~ Happy Hanukkah to you Mr Turkey killer!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tis the seasons to be jolly...

The festive sales are here!!!! I can't remember the last time i actually felt that shopping orgasm until lately. I was so spoilt by the incredible low prices one gets shopping at places like Taiwan and Thailand that i would even scream insanity at Vincci's shoes prices while the concept of Vincci+ had me cursing til my lips blistered.

Okay... maybe i am over-reacting. But hey, i thought Vincci's suppose to supply poor soles with designer imitations without robbing our lunch money. Rm179 for a VINCCI is rather crazy! One can get Nine West or Aldo with that money! At least the name's worth the pain of starvation.

So i stood firm by my integrity; while i don't always agree that looking good also means being broke, i believe in OPTIONS. For example:

The almighty Jimmy Choo creation
You can say hello to it for £375.00


The almost there Vincci version

You can say hello to it for RM32.95
(after the 50% festive slash)

My heart fluttered when i saw these shoes 2 weeks ago and was on the verge of BUYING it but knowing Vincci, they would usually clear out their stocks for 50% off during sales, so i waited patiently... and tahdah! That's why i have so many shoes and i am still not broke! muahahaha...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas in advance!

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is taking the rest of the week off to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. Having said that, my department had our own little celebration yesterday, and all i can say that it only gets better each year! The food was amazing, the presents were great... and most importantly, everyone had a great time together. Thank you so much for all the heart-felt gifts... i felt so special :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So it has been...

3 years, but it felt like forever...

It hasn't always been a bed of roses, but we made it through.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Is it me or do they LOOK ALIKE!?

The sky is the limit

A quote from a mentor, friend and on one significant moment, an angel who carried me with his wings.

Looking back the 11+ months, i realized that i have done quite a bit, traveled to a couple of places, met a few interesting people and gained so many more valuable lessons and memories in life. I have learnt more about myself, discovered my credibility and flaws and made my way closer to God. I understood more about humanity, the cruel truth and fighting spirit that people still hold strongly to in order to achieve freedom and peace.
I am still learning to deal with my ghosts; the past and present but i vow to let them go once this year comes to an end, it will be difficult, almost like tearing my skin off i for see, but healing can only take place when the pain has fully left. I was told it's okay to cry, to feel vulnerable and have a moment alone to seek the clarity of mind. And sometimes, we will find that we won't cry alone.
I will always be reminded to be grateful and thankful despite difficult times and that it's okay to know that some people are just there to hurt or put another down with their pride and arrogance. Hating is more tiring than loving. And it doesn't benefit anyone, so i have learnt to divert the energy to something worth while and that is to Love.

Someone told me that i'm taking 'the path' to realisation of something valuable. I think so too. I told someone that i have a gut feeling that i might die this year. But i would to rephrase that again; I've been reborned.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Life can be pretty unfair...

Yes, you heard me. I don't know if i'm abnormal one or are those VS models some kinda freaks! I've compiled some photos of these 'angels' during their fitting session and on the day of their legendary walk. Ohh... don't we all love the before's and after's. But please view at your own risks as these photos can send some people to serious self-pity or book for a boob job! Enjoy...

Karolina Kurkova
She rules the VS runway now (after Gisele's gone)

On the day of the fashion show, she gets to have the biggest ass angel wings! Her little mini has been shortened to lengthen her legs - some more.

Heidi Klum
VS veteran, i lost count of the babies she's popped from that *gulp* figure.

On the day of the fashion show they decided to replace her leopard/giraffe/moth-woman cape with this little wearable number. Good call!

Adriana Lima
(My fav VS girl) No makeup and looking fabulous.

On the day of the fashion show *nose bleed*

Selita Ebanks
Oh, i'm sure many guys are more than happy to help her with whatever that she's doing there.

On the day of the fashion show; for some reason, she's kinda pageantry for me. But she still rocks the runway... so whatever~

Envy + Drool + Sigh... your pick!
Victoria's Secret 2007 Fashion Show coming soon... *can't wait*

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Let's get some shoes!


On my previous birthday, my very dear friend Vince got me this super duper delicious cakes from this bakery shop at Aman Suria called Thyme Bakery. It's located opposite Keith Kee boutique (if you roughly know where that is...) I will be posting more info on that bakery soon as we will also be getting some mini Christmas cakes from them.

When Vince ordered the cakes, she asked the baker to draw a heel one of it. And because they don't get such 'request' every day, the baker nervously said "i will try my best" and Wallack! A sweet little pink heel at no extra charge!!! Not only are their cakes yummy but their services are great!

Anyways... the chocolate one in this picture is a chocolate mint (ultra delicious and not something you get everyday) while the lovely white one with a very good attempt of a shoe icing is... *i forgot* cause i was too heart broken of it being cut up and eaten by people... But the again, cakes are meant to be eaten, or are they not...

Check a load of these SERIOUS shoe yummies!!!

They look so good i wanna wear them!!!

No, they are not local in case you're wondering, they are from Chocolaterie Maya and costs USD 200 a piece! Hhhmm.. as much as i appreciate their fine craft; for that price, i think i will settle for something that's wearable and fab on my feet and not on my waist/hips... but i wouldn't mind this lil' cupcake though! Fabulous job Jenny!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Bitch of all Bitches

I was 'bitched up' by someone lately,
and it inspired me to write this:

Types of Bitches
They vary in size and colors, but it's not hard to identify one as their presence are often impossible to go unnoticed.

  1. The two-face bitch
    They are usually nice, sweet, caring and overly friendly just to dig into details to bitch about and with others. They are good at pretending to care, but in fact, they are only using other's misery to their advantage. Not a rare species and attacks at one's most vulnerable times.

  2. The backstabbing bitch
    Quite similar to the pretending one. But backstabbing bitches are not only vicious but can also be very cunning at going around to stab your back and make people hate you for no apparent reason. Jealousy, envy or plain hatred, either one is enough to send this bitch to a backstabbing spree.

  3. The bitchy bitch
    They often pick their victims with no apparent reason. One could be a target of the bitchy bitch just because they are wearing the color the bitch hates or those shoes she couldn't afford. Bitchy bitches are real and upright. Some will respect them for being an upfront and honest bitch that they are, but some will end up crying for their mama. Love them, hate them, there's always a little bitchy bitch in all of us.

  4. The dumb bitch
    Bitch who bitches with others without using that piece of muscle on their head. Usually doing plain stupid things to annoy others but doesn't benefit them in any way either. Often makes one wonder why they do what they did to make themselves look bad.

Don't think i'm calling myself a saint now, I would say it at these people's faces if i have to. But that will only make me the bigger bitch, (which i probably am since some people are happily talking about me behind my back) But hey, how could i beat those who's so busy selling me down the river? Go figure...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Who's your daddy

With my dad, the family home hardly misses out any festive decor; the unique way.

Yes, that's my dad's creation; a 100% d.i.y tree (in this case; 'did it himself and grinning from ear to ear proud of it'!)
I was taking my daily stroll down the park this morning and i saw this branch by the road side and i thought; ooOOoo... i have an idea! So, i dragged the branch back hor and start thinking of a concept (yes, he said that).

I only took 1 hour to do it lah... but it took me 2 hours to think of how i should do it... must plan properly mah, otherwise cannot work hor then wasted the nice branch. I went to the store room and found your mahmee's packet of straws and i creatively made them into leaves... (mom not amused by her cut up straws) So nice and cheap! No need to buy tree lah... specially made somemore, so creative right? *grinning* Now you know where you get your creative genes from! (ok... i could see that coming) *squeezes me geramly* - dad's style.

Eh... take more pictures yah... and post on internet to show everybody! Hehe... see your daddy so 'crever'...
Yes, yes... i must say he's pretty darn creative *speechless*

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

These people should be running the country, not the money laundering joker

Thank you so much: Teoh expressing his gratitude to Capt Zaim and Asma. With them are Teoh’s wife Ivy Lee and their child Kai Xuan.

SHAH ALAM: Chef Teoh Kean Hong slaved over a hot stove in a Chinese restaurant in London and ate instant noodles on his days off to save RM10,350 – money to support his wife and three children back home in Subang Jaya.

Last Tuesday, he returned home for a short holiday.

He stuffed the £1,500 in an envelope and placed it in a pocket of his jacket. Little did he know that the enveloped had dropped from his jacket as he flung it over his arms before getting into a car at the KL International Airport to return home at about 8pm.

Teoh only realised the money was missing at 10pm while having dinner with his family.

He rushed back to the airport hoping to find his money. It was not there and he reported the loss to the police.

For the next few days, Teoh kept a brave front and took his family to Penang and Cameron Highlands.

On Sunday, while in Cameron Highlands, Teoh’s father called. Somebody had found the money and it was reported in The Star.

“I was so relieved. I am grateful there are still such honest people around,” said Teoh.

Yesterday, Teoh met the person – lecturer Asma Muda.

Asma, a lecturer at Technical Teachers' Training Institute, had stumbled upon the cash while loading her luggage into her husband’s car.

Asma, 42, and her husband, pilot Capt Zaim Khalid, decided the money must be returned to its rightful owner.

She sought The Star’s help to trace the owner.

Over some home-made cookies at Asma’s house in Bukit Jelutong here, Teoh thanked the couple profusely for handing the money back to him.

He insisted they accept an ang pow (red packet) as a token of his appreciation.

Since the news was published, Asma and her husband had received numerous calls and SMSes.

One SMS even said the couple was stupid, and should have just kept the money for themselves.

“We were prepared for all the remarks. Keeping the money was never an option. As a lecturer, my wife always tells her students the importance of honesty.

“As Muslims, we teach our five children never to keep what does not belong to us. In this case, the money is Teoh’s sweat and blood,” said Capt Zaim.

It's so nice to be able to read about good Samaritans in this country. It gives us a flicker of hope especially at difficult times that Malaysia is not always rude jerks and assholes. As i was walking back towards my apartment under the light drizzle just now, an elderly Caucasian couple who happened to walk past the electronic door saw me and was so kind to open the door and waited for me to come through (even though they weren't using the door). I couldn't stop smiling and thanking them for their consideration. It instantly taught me to do the same for others because it doesn't cost to be considerate and it makes this world a better place :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Grouch, Grouse, Grumble

A daughter, a friend, a wife and myself.

Let's see... these are the roles i play daily. How well am i juggling them one might ask. Not the best, but i am still trying i will admit. Because i'm beyond pleasing other's and caring about what others have to say or think about me. In the end of the day i only have myself to answer to.

So i wished i was 2" taller too and got it all.
So i wished i am smarter.
So i may not be your ideal woman/daughter/friend.
So i have regrets.
So i feel i deserve better.
So i am unhappy.

So What?

I know for a fact that some people out there are wishing for more meaningful changes in their lives. And having this thought in mind, i learned to say;

I'm thankful that i'm well.
I'm thankful for the opportunities although i'm not the smartest.
I'm thankful for that smile i get from the people around me everyday.
I'm thankful that i realize my worth.

There are somethings i know i will never be able to change. Like how people choose to see or treat me. Undeniably, it hurts like hell. But everyone's entitle to their opinion and if they can't see through that, i guess all they see is big boobs and long dicks.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Because we are not Sheeps Mr PM

Sometimes this country i shamefully belong to can be overly contradicting. Especially when they can't decide where to draw the line with "freedom of speech & peaceful demonstration".

First, this kid got into trouble of almost being (sued/kicked-out/punished/threatened) by the government because he used renamed the national anthem to; i QUOTE: Negaraku-ku.

Hmmm... fruit for thought.

Why is the government all worked-up with the word 'kuku'. If it was to refer to another word, it would be nails in malay. We even have a beauty nail parlor called KUKU Bar at Bangsar. So what so offensive about it?

2. If Rhianna can sing Umbrella-ella-ella..., isn't it only logical that the 'ku' part was repeated to ku-ku when it comes to rapping or R&B-ing?

So anyways, the whole hoohah died down sooner than i expected after the rapper wannabe said "i'm sorry & watever" and I thought "Har? That's it? All's well after all the threat and proclamation of the countries defamation lawsuit? A but unlike our cari pasal government right?"

So, okay... benefit of the doubt, maybe we are after all a forgiving and not so shallow bunch. But then again, I'm often confused with the governments Gila stringent VS Contradicting decisions:

1. Proper Sex Education is taboo BUT you can see traditional malay sexual experience enhancement products, massages, supplements advertisements all over the public places.

2. No sexily clad outfit guideline for foreign artists BUT local Muslim artists can go braless, cleavage and skin parading all over the town.

3. Pork, Sex & Alcohol are all HARAM for muslim BUT they only closed down the pig farms. (i guess beef, lamb & sex goes better with wine).

And oh, the shoeaholic has registered to be legible for voting during next years election. I can no longer stand the state of this country, so i am doing something about it. Please don't just sit there like a ton of useless lard! It doesn't cost you anything to register yourself to vote. Go to the nearest post office and tell that fella that you want to DAFTAR UNDI. And do your research before you simply vote like sheeps!

Still am...

I was beginning to suspect that MAYBE, just maybe i've lost the love for shoes *blasphemy* and am finally content with my current collection of 30+ shoes (somebody still argues that i have more! i will count again soon!)

mean... how is it even possible for a woman to stop and not buy anymore shoes?! It's like telling a man to stop thinking about sex!

But it's been a month long and i seriously haven't been feeling that usual urges and unplanned shoe shopping trips. And when i tried, the styles and prices nauseates me! Yes, you can still have style the economical way, that's the wonderful fact about shopping @ Malaysia but shopping @ Bangkok is still heaven!

Anyway, after meeting some friends at 1U for brunch yesterday, i started feeling 'it' again. That same feeling when a child walks past the toy shop! I entered Vincci first, but their collection almost killed my excitement *damn potong steam* then i headed on the shop right next to them - Nose and wahhhh... i fell right away for this pair of black chunky strap heels!

Totally loved the details and it goes so well with my skinny jeans! *love it*love it* And already being in the in love mood, i had to get another pair just for color coordinates purpose.

So yeah, all in all, i am still a shoeaholic. Thank goodness for that... I'm looking forward to refresh my collections sometime soon once i rid some old ones off for space. And like the saying goes, a woman can never have enough of SHOES!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Painful 'Wisdom'

When one just doesn't have the space for all the 'wisdom'...
See the dentist!

Yes, i'm finally doing it. After so long, so much excuses, so much delay, so much pain. I was told that they have a slot for me tomorrow at 4pm! I am terrified of dentists. But i'm more terrified of loosing all my teeth and having bad breath due to slow icky tooth decay.

I guess this is the best time to do it, when one my subjects has finally completed its semester and when i can afford to take a few days off to recover from post surgery swelling effect.

*You will look like a pig after the surgery!* Muahahahaha!!! At least i know my sis did! Muahahahahaha!!! a 'supportive' friend said to me *farker*

Well, screw it! Not like i have a choice. I've put this on hold long enough and i can only imagine how the dentist will react to my self maintained dental hygiene *hopefully he doesn't faint*

I had enough of the discomfort and i am finally going to a dentist! But the visual of the indian dentist who's entire fist i almost swallowed when he was removing my molar was still freshly embedded in my memory. That was more than a decade ago but heck, i thought i was gonna die with a hand in my mouth that time! Talk about a traumatic experience!

*sigh* sooo scared.... maybe i should write a will now... *sigh*

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oh Shoe Me already...

Top 10 Shoes for Spring/Summer 2007

Or... you can always check out Nose and Vincci for 'economical' alternatives. I swear you'll find the exact copycat version there! Happy shoe shopping ladies~

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates...

I've been busy...


fighting crime

Anyway, I just recovered from an awful cold and cough and i realised that i actually haven't been this ill for some time now since i cannot recall the last time my food tasted like cardboard when one has lost all sense of taste and smell. Yup, being sick is no fun especially when i am expected to churn out 3 module briefs within a day. I had no time to even whine about feeling ill.

But all's (almost) well now and my senses perked right back up in action yesterday when a loud roudy voice caught my attention, and as i turned to check out the source i just stood there gawking at that person's textured 'vest' and er... tights. I know vests and tights are making a comeback, but this is pretty ridiculous. Feels as though she's been sent here from the past through a time machine!

Wicked witch of the west perhaps?
Maybe she forgot to take off her Halloween costume.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lately, I've been wondering...

  • why haven't i bought any shoes lately
  • what people are thinking when i catch them staring at me
  • why am i never able to get up early in the morning
  • if i gobble my food when i eat
  • what so i look like when i sleep
  • what do i usually smell like
  • if i have found my soul mate
  • if my soul mate has found me
  • what it feels like to be a celebrity
  • what it feels like to be 300 pounds
  • what it feels like to be a doctor and have lives depend on you
  • if i am capable of killing

Monday, October 15, 2007

I took a few steps back today

I was once told; When a problem seem huge and unsolvable, take a few steps back and look at it again, it will instantly seem a whole lot smaller.

I've been missing a dear friend very much lately. Been thinking and wondering how she's been as i haven't heard from her for some time now. I missed those times we shared about each other's troubles and how we would say that we're God-sent to each other because we met each other during our troubled and needy moments.

She taught so many valuable lessons in life, not by the word of mouth, but through her experiences in life. And it was through her, i discovered how unreasonable and self-centered i can be. There's this one time, i threw a fit just because i was hungry and feeling overworked. She came to me, listened to my bickering, comforted me then proceeded to telling me that her aunt who was suffering from cancer passed away about an hour ago, so she will need to be away to help arrange the funeral.

A complete fool. That was i felt and still feel until today. I'm sure if given the choice, she would rather go hungry and overworked everyday than to arrange a family's funeral.

Lately, i have been having those moody spells; one of those days i dread waking up and get my ass off to work. One of those moments i would feel unappreciated, hollow and questioning the purpose of life. In the end of the day, i would say it's one of those self-pity hangover just to give myself the reason to feel bad. So, i sat there alone, thinking; if my friend was here listening to my meaningless bickering, i am sure she will share something about life with me that will instantly deflate my so-called troubles. And i will start feeling foolish and immediately realize that i should be thankful for every day in my life.

And as if by God's will. A battled soul came to me for my 'word of advice' and 'support' during one of her darkest moments battling with a strange disease that's threatening her life. Seeing someone so young, so full of life and future ahead of her dealing such a horrific disease broke my heart into a million pieces because just days ago, i felt like shit for almost no reason. And here's someone much younger than me, still smiling and being ultra optimistic about life even when her hair is falling off by chunks within a matter of days.

She may have came to me for strength and support, but i silently studied this young lady's existing inner strength. And at times like this, i just wanted her to know that she will be alright. I even admitted to her that i myself would not have dealt with this any better than her. She is indeed very strong and determined.

So, i took a few steps back today. And instead of seeing total darkness, it was indeed just a black circle surrounded by much brighter things.

She thanked me for listening and comfort. And i thanked her for a life's lesson.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Giant Leap" Sure boh???

Photo by
Caption: Dr Sheikh Muszaphar smiling from inside the spacecraft minutes after the launch on Wednesday.

Of course smiling lah... The country spent like close to RM100 million to send this pretty boy to space just so our history will look good although we're just hitching a ride to space.

Haih... i don't like bashing our governments all the time lah, tired also... but declaring this so called achievement to space as a Giant Leap, i cannot help but to shake my head and roll my eyes so hard at the same time.

Okay... i'm not gonna act politic savvy and all, but hey... i'm aware of the realistic issues and problems this country is facing by *hello* the citizen. And RM100 million could do the thousands of people good instead of one fella with the mission to fast on outer space! *tsk, tsk, tsk*

Okay, complaining and bashing is no good without my 2 cents right, here's what i'll do as a prime minister with that 100 mil grand. I will:

1. UPGRADE OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM: Send all school teachers for to places like Australia and New Zealand to study the teaching methodology used and apply it in our country. Because i think we lack mentally experienced people to educate the younger generations. Most teachers are almost fresh baked buns from oven, emotionally unstable or too old fuddy duddy to touch the taboo of sex! Arghhhhh, i said it!
Yes, Malaysia needs serious sexsexsexsexsexsexsex education!!!!

UPGRADE THE COUNTRIES SECURITY SYSTEM: And before we do that, i think our government should look into the police's working condition. I don't understand how one can be all happy and efficient under such degrading surroundings; broken air conditions, tv with no reception, mis-match furnitures and leaking roofs. It's a no wonder they don't take the citizens safety seriously, i feel they weren't taken seriously by their bosses in the first place.

3. SEND KIDS OVERSEAS: Not all kids have the privilege to see the world like some lucky brats. But i also believe that experiencing another part of the world and culture is essential to allow that person grow and be more compassionate. And i feel Malaysia lacks that big time. If we can spend so much marney for one numb chuck, why not use that money to benefit the nation's future.

Aiyahh... my bashing will be endless if i go on. As much as i want to be all teary and emotional about a Malaysian making history, i cannot help but to feel almost nothing towards this. Sorry, but still lah, i'm happy for you guys... getting to fast on space. I also pray for your safe journey. But err... i don't see how else will this expensive trip is gonna benefit the country. Yeahlah... now more people are probably so effin inspired to go space now... even scarier, i cannot imagine the government paying anymore marney to hitch a ride the space again *sigh*

At this moment, my mind is only with the miracle girl who had a double heart transplant, and the family who lost their little girl to a sick monster. But their nightmare didn't end there cause her post-mortem pics are being circulated on the internet now. Who did it? Only 2 possibilities; Police or Doctor! Tak kan some paparazzi or outsider took it right??!! *sigh* So there you go... no amount of space trip will improve situations like this. So, if the prime minister is going to state this space mission as a giant leap, i would humbly disagree. The giant leap for Malaysia would be overcoming the racial barrier and not be top 10 on the asia's most corrupted countries list. Meanwhile...

Happy shiok sendiri Mr Prime Minister.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ibrahim Lincoln

Scene: It was after dinner and mom started her daily updates with us.

Me: (flipping through the papers)
Mom: Eh, now adays ah, it's really important to read the papers, cause it's only through the papers you'll find out some people you know already say 'bye-bye' (aka R.I.P) Like today hor... i found out that Dr.Ibrahim passed away from the papers... So sudden lor.
Me: (still looking at the papers and half alert of mom's yadas...) Oh...*nods*
Mom: Yeah, just 2 weeks ago i saw him at church... still strong and healthy! No signs of illness and...
Me: Har?*turns around and gave my mom the peculiar look* Mee... Dr.Ibrahim goes to church???
Mom: Yahlah... St.Mary church mah... many years alre....
Me: Dr.IBRAHIM goes to church???
Mom: eh... *thinks abit* Ibra...him...Abra...
Mike: Abraham isit? *chuckles*
Mom: Ahhhh yah,yah... Dr.Abraham!!!

Ok, i know i'm damn mean laughing at my mom, but she doesn makes the funniest errors sometimes! I also found out from Mike that apparently, the name Ibrahim is in fact translated from Abraham from the bible! So she's NOT all that wrong! *giggle* learn something new the funny way at least! :p

It's yesterday once more...

After seeing Joey's recent post, i know i hafta do one of those memory lane thingy just for old times sake! It's quite amazing; looking back, reminiscing those years that seem to be like only yesterday to me, and i suddenly realize that some friends actually shared so much past and memories with me! So let's begin with almost a decade back; 1998 when most teenagers thinks that they're in the grown ups category (well, almost!) atleast, no school uniforms and being 18 also means, legal for clubs and alcohol. (Beware of blurry photos because i was too lazy ass to scan them, i took them with the digi cam instead!)

Sour plum 18.
Not exactly your 'little miss sunshine' here because i was 'cam-raped'. And at that very moment, i was modeling my very 1st 3d project using Infini-D.

I consider myself the geek clan back then. Mainly because we take our *cough* studies very *cough* seriously. And our source of entertainment as you can see, are extremely healthy and community friendly. And yes, thats me holding that 'mega cool' lantern during the mooncake festival celebration i organized for my college mates at Central Park!

The geek clan.
I still sorta keep in touch with most of the peeps in here. Some have started their own companies, some are into a totally who different nature of business. Some got married, some migrated and some are just busy blogging.

Hang out clan.
We do go clubbing, pubs and all, but back then, teenagers were generally monetary conscious because we haven't got a lot of cheaper alternatives! (unlike today!!! spoilt brats~) So, if my friends and i do go clubbing, we would make sure that there's something worth celebrating and get high over. Otherwise, we're happy with the 24hr A&W joint!

Lil and i on our diploma grad day at err... Nikko Hotel isit?
Hey Lil, remember the night before our grad ceremony morning, Kelvin, you and i rushed to Pyramid to buy me a shirt and black shoes?! Hahaha... i just recalled vaguely that we were so casual and blah about the whole grad thing. We even made fun of ourselves in the oversized gown by mimicking the gospel singers singing "Oh happy days..."

Uni Days @ Melbourne
Sharene & Lil posing with with the very faint sight of the rainbow. I forgot what carnival we went to, but i sure do remember the amount of fun we had there!

Sharene and i.
We were housemates and basically inseparable back then.
*missing her*

Spot Lilian
It's hard i know. And I'm still looking...

The Usual Suspects
On Crystal's 21st party. There was a big ass group of peeps, but i'm just showing u the relevants, so dun think that our party is not happening k?! Anyways, the theme was 'traffic light' *pretty lame* now that i think back. Red stands for Taken, Yellow stands for Unsure while Green stands for Come get me baby!

(This is posted for Joey, hehehe...)
We then headed to the park across our apartment and err... play with fireworks? Lilian again, enjoying her 'King Cat'. Ohhh.. i also remembered that i was almost got attacked by a mother possum because Lilians fireworks freaked those fellas on the tree!

Summer Lovin'
Hanging out at St.Kilda if not mistaken...

Justin - White on the outside, yellow on the inside.
My 1st photo booth cam whoring experience. Recommended by my canadian classmate Justin. I remembered that i was down with a really bad flu that day and this fella keep insisting that i try this cam-booth-whore thingy when we walked past the shop at Swanston St. He's right, it's so addictive! So...

the next time, we went back with more people! :p

So yesterday
ok... i gotta admit, i'm glad he's out of the boy band hair do.

This is probably the coolest grad ceremony ever. I mean, how many of you actually have yours in the stadium? Of course i have to brag about it la right? hehe...

So yeah, there you have it! Wish i could post more.. maybe next round! ;) Let's see who's the next one to post their nostalgic sentiments on their blog!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Just a moment please...

While I'm desperately trying to keep myself awake whilst studying the stacks of paperwork. (Yes, i'm actually studying though it's something i am not very good at.) I'm good at observing and visualizing matters but not studying... anyways, my mind decides to drift and i subconsciously started doodling with my numb mind on the same paper i'm doing something err... important.

Then, my bitch stopped by and gave me a raspberry muffin.
It made my moment if not day...

and then my bitch saw my doodling and got inspired.
10 minutes later he came back with this...

I'm glad he's not my hairstylist!