Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thank You Ridsect!

While i was out running some errands and doing some grocery shopping at Centre Point few days ago, i came upon this!

My heart sang hymns of praises, "Thank Goooodddd.... it's about time i get that lil' bas*@#& that's been popping in and out my apartment freaking the little hakunas out of me!"

Nope, it's not a Roach, it's freaking huge slimmy jungle lizard that i bet Steve Irwin would go 'Crikey, what a beaauty!' (if he's still alive to see it!) Sorry Steve, i'm no lizard fan and this CICAK is no endangered species either, so it's GOTTA GO!!!

For some reason, i'm extremely terrified of cicaks, even more terrified of them than the roaches (actually, equally terrifying lar, but the cicak is more geli sial!) Even one little one would send me screaming for mama if it's less than 3 feet from me. Maybe because i use to torture them when i was a kid. Bro and i would trap them with plastic containers and make them loose their tail... EWWWWW i can't believe i use to DO THAT!!! *puke*

Anyway, i was damn excited to set the trap to catch the whole damn family that's making my home their home! Pissing wherever they please and making me clean up after them! One lil' bas*@#& even shite on my laundry right on my new Abercrombie white polo tee!!!! And it's stained for good now! Perhaps that should explain my utter rage and determination to get rid of them!!!

So... on the very same night, i set the 1st trap at my living room where i spotted a little 'cina' cicak a week ago, slightly skeptical about the traps effectiveness as it's rather murah for 5 disposable boxes that screamsss TRAP all over. I started wondering if cicaks can read... then yesterday morning i went to check on the trap from atleast 4 feet away with a torch light. And guess what?! Cina Cicak took the bait and was stuck on the sticky glue all contorted (trying to escape maybe?) I was darn pleaaaseee man... but that fella was only about 1.5 inches in length (juvenille only) the lil' bas*@#& that hangs out at my kitchen was atleast 5 inches long!!!!!! And it's dark and freaking scary too!!! So... off to my 2nd cicak trap mission! Yesterday night, i set a 2nd trap in the kitchen. Carefully choosing a spot to place the trap, i picked the 'hot spot' where i found what i assume is lil' bas*@#& 's droppings. After that, i prayed for the same success i had the night before and went to bed.

And this morning i found that God has answered my prayers :) Check a load of this!

DAMN BIG & GELI righhhhttt????? I was shaking like hell when taking this photo cause it was still ALIVEEEEE!!!! And the remaining half of it's stupid tail was actually stuck inside along with it's upper part! I quickly screamed for Mike to get rid of it and even he shudder with geliness when using the coal clamp to grab the lid of the trap and threw it inside a mega huge plastic bag which is then bagged in another bag!

*sigh of relief* Atleast the lil' monster is down. I wonder if there's anymore! I'm not taking any chances, so i'm definitely setting the 3rd one tonight to clear the clan for the new year! God bless!!!

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