Sunday, December 24, 2006


My week so far since the 'Peekaboo' story has involved some twists and turns of discoveries and transitions of people coming and going once again. Seems like the year end is a perfect 'move along' time because it's more meaningful to say "Let's start anew". I'm already starting anew myself. I've been practising "comp-abstinence" after working hours. Successfully left my laptop untouched for the past 6 days. I spent most of my time last week rushing last minute Xmas presents, cards, farewell cards and get-well cards even (Dear CL, i pray that you're all better and well by now- well enough to read this)

I did some spring cleaning at home, at work and with myself lately. Threw out many things that has been sitting around without a cause to avoid bad 'chi' accumiliating and encourage renewed energy into my zone. What better way than to start reorganising oneself for the new year! Sweii got me my Xmas wishlist FENG SHOE book (i lurve it sooooo much!) Now i can shop, wear and rearrange my shoes with FengShui reference! And of course, after throwing out so many stuff, i started buying more stuff... sigh. It's a neverending story i know.

Anyway, i didn't really get to express the amount of stress i went through at work last month. But it was 'good stress'. You know, those adrenaline driven ones that really pushes your limit and credibility. At one point, i actually felt like this:

Really challenging my wits and guts to the max especially when i found myself surrounded by high ranking intimidating scholars. I can smell a pungent of shrunken balls and cold sweat. But having been through it all and actually successfully 'pass the test', i find myself bursting for air of relief and cheer! Woohoo!

Am looking forward to the coming year very much. Alot on my mind and lot's of plans happening already so i'm freaking excited about them. And to start the year meaningfully, Su and i made a vow to launch our "Shyok Sendiri" blog to feature our self-fulfilling crafts. Now that i've announced it, we can't back out and potong each other's steam! FYI i've started with my "SS" projects already... and thanks to Loong Zhai's generous Xmas gift; a freaking awesome book of toys and crafts! I shreak with excitement each time i go through it. Thanks again Loong Zhai for the big lovely surprise! :D Okay, i should get back to my craft production! Will give a proper updates of 06's Xmas soon enough when i get hold of all the photos. Meanwhile, have youself a Merry little Christmas, may all your dreams come true~~

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