Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Swindle your luck - or not


Taken on top of the South Eastern Corner Tower of Beijing City. We were taking our 'Luck Swindling Walk' on top of the tower. It is said that if you would like to improvise your current luck and positive 'chi', walk clock-wise along the sides of the tower (that's what we were doing), otherwise take anti-clockwise if you think you're on the not so bright side of life?

Me: Wah, so easy meh?

Mr X: Aiyah... So superstitious! But no harm doing it lar! Just treat it as morning walk lor! (Starts walking without hesitation)

Me: (whispers to myself) Yeah right, u're the last person on earth to NOT believe in such things!

Mr X: (contemplates and decides to go anti-clockwise)

Me: *roll eyes*

As we were taking our stroll just to 'layan' the Mr.Feng Shui master (stopping on and off to grab a photo or two), i started noticing how seriously other people actually took theirs. Especially with those who decided to go anti-clockwise. I was thinking to myself then, "Do they really believe that a walk could change whatever misfortune or bad luck which they are going through?

Not that i don't believe in bad luck, but one shouldn't blame luck when their misfortune was 'doomed' on them. Like what 'Mr Feng Shui' said to all of us during that trip, everyone must always have faith and effort (accompanied with fengshui elements) to enhance our flow of luck. Now why didn't everyone think of that?

No doubt, Feng Shui has helped many discovered a fluent flowing 'chi' which leads them to better health and prosperity in some way or other. Sometimes i cannot help but to feel that many has misinterpreted the elements of FengShui to bring luck and prosperity without any physical or mental effort. And knowing someone who belongs to that category of mindset doesn't ease my feelings either.

(Oh btw, this is another one of my Photoshop Brushes tryout! Getting addictive!)


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