Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Feeling Desirable

de‧sire/Show Spelled Pronunciation[di-zahyuhr]

1. to wish or long for; crave; want. (i want one)
2. to express a wish to obtain; ask for; request; (may i?)
3. a longing or craving that brings satisfaction or enjoyment (oh yeah~)
4. an expressed wish (please?)
5. sexual appetite or a sexual urge. (<---really?!)


To take my troubles off my mind, I feed myself with desirable things to want and do.
It helps me to:

1. draw my attention away to concentrate on something which is more worthy.
2. calm my emotional self down to think more clearly and rationally.
3. be optimistic and happy.
4. set new/more goals and objectives in life.
5. look forward to the next hour, if not next day.
6. pick up new topic of interest, like food to eat, places to go, colors to wear.

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