Tuesday, November 07, 2006

An Eternal Love

Meet the newly weds, Mr&Mrs Kenny Kok. No, we're not related in anyway but perhaps our ancestors were since we both carry the same surname :)


This is one the many favourite wedding photos which i took from Kenny. So romantic and nostalgic. It reminded me of our grandparents times and how pure love, marriage and devotion use to be. Time has changed but that doesn't mean we don't get pure innocent love anymore, sometimes we're all too involved with the materialistic world. That's why i think those who're attached should cherish their life partners more and those who are still looking, should be patient with destiny.

I discovered some really cool Photoshop brush plugins yesterday and had to do some touching up for Kenny's wedding photo. Check out the results! :)

kennyold copy

Kenny thinks there should be more 'discoloration' and scratches on it. Agree with him too but heck, it was 6pm then so i gotta call it the day! ;p

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