Saturday, November 25, 2006

Are you CHEAP?

Signs that you are cheap with a Capital C

  • ‘Take away’ packet ketchup, sugar, butter from fast food outlet or restaurants
    (since it’s free)
  • Take as many serviettes available from fast food outlet or restaurants because you think you ‘might just need it later’
  • Go lunch with boss/someone whom you haven’t seen in a while knowing they would pay
  • Ask your friend to pay 50 cent for taking a sip from your rm1.50 Coke
  • Borrow someone’s mobile and delay your credit top-up
  • Treat your wife, kids, mom, dad & yourself to dinner at JWT during someones wedding . Your angpow for the newly weds : RM100.
  • Use or touch up your makeup with samples at cosmetic counters (freaking disgusting!)
  • Ask the sales person at a departmental store if you can get a discount if you ‘buy a lot’
  • Bargaining at Ebay (ultimate cheapskates!)
  • You start packing food at someone else’s party even when the party has only just begun
  • You wash and reuse disposable underwears (THERE ARE PPL LIKE THAT!)

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