Monday, October 16, 2006

Vintage Lust

vintage copy

Crystal got me this lovely Vintage Magazine piece from her previous trip to Paris. She said, the moment she saw it, she thought of me, how sweet! :) It has been sitting on my Study's shelf for a while now so i decided to honour it by posting it on my blog to share with all of you the beauty of it's 'flaws'.

I've always loved vintage especially printed materials. The colours are unusually rich and captivating. Check out the 1920's movie magazine cover featuring Dolores Costello (Drew Barrymore's Grandmother)!


Back then, magazines only costs 25 cents! And as you can see, not much gossips and hard-sell write-up going on compared to my next favourite vintage mag cover featuring Audrey Hepburn in the late 50's. Guess at that time, they figured that gossips sells.


Still, nothing beats the 1930's New China Shanghainese Cigarettes, Liquor and Beauty product vintage posters. The hues and intriquete patterns and design details are extremely breathtaking. In terms of layout design and impression, i think China's got it all right. I mean, conceptually they already started incorporating sex with products as a marketing strategy!



I bought the reprint of this particular one from a street at Spore and for strange reasons, i have it to my dad cause he's a fan of vintage barang too. He's got a range of 'stuff' he's been collecting like the charcoal iron, grandpa's clock (really from my grandpa!), vintage black & white TV, dial phones and so on. I must have picked up my appreciation for vintage from him :)

Anyway, few years ago when i was still in advertising, i had to design a series of the '1930's Shanghainese inspired' ang pow packets for a local retail store. I recall having lot's of fun with that Chinese New Year campaign because of the design freedom and flexibility. Not to mention my love for vintage art. We gathered some vintage posters, scanned them and did some Photoshop magic along with Danielle's face. So from this...


I created this!


I know, i know... the head tilted is kinda tilted awkwardly. But that's how the illustrated posters usually are. We did a series of 5 designs and our client mentioned that it was by far their best range of CNY angpow design. So vintage can carry a rather modern funk to it too. Talk about that, this designer called Fiona Hewitt makes me absolutely go WOW... when i first saw the packaging design she did for MISO Pretty products. Her illustrations absolutely brilliant, mixing east and west with oriental vintage flavour, i'm so glad i bought that (useless) Body Mist spray when i saw it at S'pore last year.
Here are a few of the other products which i managed to find online. Check out the colours and illustration! Lovely, lovely!



Lilian said...

hey, were u the one i bought this miso pretty thing with at topshop singapore? It's not that good.

Shoeaholic said...

yeah, we got it from topshop or something if not mistaken. now its air freshener for my room :p

Lilian said...

i've finished it long ago. coz the smell doesnt last, so i spray myself like mad. and it only lasts till lunch time. Oh well..for $25, cant complain.