Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just a Quicky!

Am feeling abit "Delay" today, wonder if its the side effect of Haze inhalation? Can't seem to construct my sentences without constant rephrasing to soundlike an airhead. So i'm gonna spare you the reading and try my best to layout my thoughts in English.

Last week's been super laid back for me. With Tuesday off, i managed to catch up with a dear friend for tea and heart to heart sessions. Went for lunch, bump into Joey! Did some catching up with Joey too... then did some shopping before heading for cakes and tea again at Bakerzin. Btw, their Chocolate Amer.... pure heaven! *sigh*



Then on Thursday, the entire MM team went for karaoke cum buffet. A complimentary treat from our Big Boss for a job well done for the Starlites Event, Gary Yap's MV and the recent Exhibition. For the first time, every single one of us were there and we all had so much fun. Atleast i know i did :) Will update more with pictures next round when i locate where my vocabulary box is.

In the meantime, am sweating over the UH Degree programme subject module which i was assigned to churn out 3 project briefs (before this coming Friday). Seriously brain boggling especially when i had to switch from "kick back braindead" to "crunch time" mode. Managed to gather some useful sources and brainstorm a little with Mike to get some sort of directions, tomorrow onwards it's gonna be battle of the paperwork for me! To get my mind off the mundane paper stuff, i offered to help Kenny with his wedding reel and flowers and car decor...*Sweat* Luckily WaiKhong and Yenny's helping out with the car decors and ribbon part, they are seriously much better at it. Yesterday, I showed them the materials i got and they jumped right into it discussing the 'treatment' which they then got a little carried away...


Still lacking some materials and i gotta get them real soon as the wedding's this Sunday! EEk!! Talk about Sunday, i will be flying off to Beijing, China with parents in-law and Mike, thus will be missing Kenny's wedding :(. Am not extremely psyched with the coming trip probably because i've been there before and... and nvm the details. Nevertheless, i will try to have fun :/ In the meantime, i will stop here before i insult anyone's intelligence. *Urgh*

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