Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another wedding flow'r-pow'r

Yes, another one joining the SUDAH KAHWIN status club. A big shout out to Mr and Mrs Kenny Kok, wishing them All the happiness and love in the world on their special day!

As though becoming a norm for me to do my friends wedding flowers as favours, i did ALL his wedding flowers as well! This time really challenging my wits and skills. I successfully did not just the hand bouquets, but also the grooms and parents corsarges, wrist corsarge, and flower girls head dress! I was wowified by the results! Never expect it to be this good!

This time around, the bride's preference for her flowers is slightly more daring in comparison to the previous few which i have done. She wants mixture of reds, peach, pink and white with hints of green fillers and red berries. So i picked out these flowers at Floristika last Friday evening.


I think it's a good season for flower harvesting as they actually have tulips and so many other fresh and beautful imported flowers. Was hoping to see some white peonies but none available. Even the local roses are so beautiful! Check them out!


The bride likes berries, so berries she will have!


I spent about 6 hours making everything. The most time consuming part of the whole process was removing the torns and leaves from the flowers... really really painful! But it's so worth it when everything is done! Here's the brides and maids bouquet!


And the wrist corsarge for the bride during dinner. I made this from the extra flowers for the bride, hope she likes it!


And the groom's cosarge. Made 2 cause i was getting a hang of it and it's rather easy to make actually!



Then there's the parent's cosarge, 3 of the same arrangement.


Last but not least, my favourite and sorta biggest challenge and achievement... the head dress for 3 little flower girls!



She didn't have a very good day today.

When i went to visit her at 7pm, she was at her worst.

She was hooked up with the oxygen mask gasping for air. Her breathing was so heavy that it literally lifts her chests as she fought on.

Barely concious; her lids were swollen shut and slightly moists from tears. I silently prayed that she wasn't crying of pain or fear.

I held her hand, squeezing it on and off hoping for her to squeeze mine back, but nothing. I massaged her feet and i noticed her heart rate dropped slightly. Maybe she felt our presence, but part me wishes that she doesn't and that she's sleeping and having a beautiful dream with all of us there.

I am having a very hard time now, feeling unseemingly helpless. What will happen during the week to come when i am not around...

Saturday, October 21, 2006


It has been a very tiring week for me by far. Mentally and emotionally. I didn't feel like writing much now. Am trying to find meaning behind the things that is going on with and around me.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Vintage Lust

vintage copy

Crystal got me this lovely Vintage Magazine piece from her previous trip to Paris. She said, the moment she saw it, she thought of me, how sweet! :) It has been sitting on my Study's shelf for a while now so i decided to honour it by posting it on my blog to share with all of you the beauty of it's 'flaws'.

I've always loved vintage especially printed materials. The colours are unusually rich and captivating. Check out the 1920's movie magazine cover featuring Dolores Costello (Drew Barrymore's Grandmother)!


Back then, magazines only costs 25 cents! And as you can see, not much gossips and hard-sell write-up going on compared to my next favourite vintage mag cover featuring Audrey Hepburn in the late 50's. Guess at that time, they figured that gossips sells.


Still, nothing beats the 1930's New China Shanghainese Cigarettes, Liquor and Beauty product vintage posters. The hues and intriquete patterns and design details are extremely breathtaking. In terms of layout design and impression, i think China's got it all right. I mean, conceptually they already started incorporating sex with products as a marketing strategy!



I bought the reprint of this particular one from a street at Spore and for strange reasons, i have it to my dad cause he's a fan of vintage barang too. He's got a range of 'stuff' he's been collecting like the charcoal iron, grandpa's clock (really from my grandpa!), vintage black & white TV, dial phones and so on. I must have picked up my appreciation for vintage from him :)

Anyway, few years ago when i was still in advertising, i had to design a series of the '1930's Shanghainese inspired' ang pow packets for a local retail store. I recall having lot's of fun with that Chinese New Year campaign because of the design freedom and flexibility. Not to mention my love for vintage art. We gathered some vintage posters, scanned them and did some Photoshop magic along with Danielle's face. So from this...


I created this!


I know, i know... the head tilted is kinda tilted awkwardly. But that's how the illustrated posters usually are. We did a series of 5 designs and our client mentioned that it was by far their best range of CNY angpow design. So vintage can carry a rather modern funk to it too. Talk about that, this designer called Fiona Hewitt makes me absolutely go WOW... when i first saw the packaging design she did for MISO Pretty products. Her illustrations absolutely brilliant, mixing east and west with oriental vintage flavour, i'm so glad i bought that (useless) Body Mist spray when i saw it at S'pore last year.
Here are a few of the other products which i managed to find online. Check out the colours and illustration! Lovely, lovely!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just a Quicky!

Am feeling abit "Delay" today, wonder if its the side effect of Haze inhalation? Can't seem to construct my sentences without constant rephrasing to soundlike an airhead. So i'm gonna spare you the reading and try my best to layout my thoughts in English.

Last week's been super laid back for me. With Tuesday off, i managed to catch up with a dear friend for tea and heart to heart sessions. Went for lunch, bump into Joey! Did some catching up with Joey too... then did some shopping before heading for cakes and tea again at Bakerzin. Btw, their Chocolate Amer.... pure heaven! *sigh*



Then on Thursday, the entire MM team went for karaoke cum buffet. A complimentary treat from our Big Boss for a job well done for the Starlites Event, Gary Yap's MV and the recent Exhibition. For the first time, every single one of us were there and we all had so much fun. Atleast i know i did :) Will update more with pictures next round when i locate where my vocabulary box is.

In the meantime, am sweating over the UH Degree programme subject module which i was assigned to churn out 3 project briefs (before this coming Friday). Seriously brain boggling especially when i had to switch from "kick back braindead" to "crunch time" mode. Managed to gather some useful sources and brainstorm a little with Mike to get some sort of directions, tomorrow onwards it's gonna be battle of the paperwork for me! To get my mind off the mundane paper stuff, i offered to help Kenny with his wedding reel and flowers and car decor...*Sweat* Luckily WaiKhong and Yenny's helping out with the car decors and ribbon part, they are seriously much better at it. Yesterday, I showed them the materials i got and they jumped right into it discussing the 'treatment' which they then got a little carried away...


Still lacking some materials and i gotta get them real soon as the wedding's this Sunday! EEk!! Talk about Sunday, i will be flying off to Beijing, China with parents in-law and Mike, thus will be missing Kenny's wedding :(. Am not extremely psyched with the coming trip probably because i've been there before and... and nvm the details. Nevertheless, i will try to have fun :/ In the meantime, i will stop here before i insult anyone's intelligence. *Urgh*

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sole Struck!

So much love, so much contentment! I finally found my perfect pair of Espadrilles!

DSC09392 copy

I'm still in search for a cream coloured laced-up version. Almost found it at Bangkok, but they only have it in Black at that time :( Guess, i'll just have to keep searching.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Seeing RED

I love the colour Red.


In the midst of boring paper work, i got up with my camera and started snapping away things that are in Red.


What is RED to you?


Passionate Love?


Or Fiery Anger?


Oriental perhaps?


Then again...


Despite it's flamboyant hue...


It can be rather lonely too.


A Time for Everything

So much going on on my mind right now. Am suddenly switched to the 'Appreaciatte Life' mode. I decided that, since life's gonna be so short, i should just live mine like everyday's gonna be my last. The results?

I made Catty.

I laughed more.
I said more Hello's and Bye's.
I converted my worries into art.
I listened & looked harder.
I look into people's eyes.
I listened to my lover's heart.
I am thankful for everyday.