Friday, September 08, 2006

The week that was...

My week began with a very slight lighter workload. With the workshop down and in my cabinet awaiting for it's next 'calling', i would describe this round's workshop as utterly meaningless and keeping my fingers crossed that there's no 5th round! The organisers are clearly loosing interests and our partner trainers are so unprepared! Wai Khong could tell i'm numbed from my attire and 'faux'enthusiasm. Practising the software and equipment only the night before shows how cocky i am too.
I mean, this is my 3rd time as trainer, how exciting can that be?!
Almost the entire department was involved in the workshop, and some of us were at the peak of rushing the MV job that was clearly not looking anywhere near finished (at that time).
So we were clearly stressed and tired.

Went home immediately after work, mentally beat and at the same worried about the new class on Monday and how unwell prepared i am. So not me. Spent my remaining weekend recuperating from my sore vocal cord from amplifying my voice during the entire days training.

Skidded through my new class on Monday with the bare necessities. I guess i was just being overly worried. MV project team cracking slightly due to the nearing deadline, but everyone kept their cool soon enough. A couple hours after lunch, Ando told us about Steve Irwin aka Crocodile Hunter's tragic accident. I was skeptical at first, brushing it off as another hoax.

How i wished i was right.
But sadly, it wasn't. Steve died from a freak fatal stingray attack. Like many people around the world, i was quite sad to learn of his sudden passing. I love watching his docus and his hyper-active larger than life antics. His death is seriously a very big lost to all human and animal kind. As much as we all would like to go on questioning as to why he was taken away from all of us so soon, Steve did die doing what he lived to do. Which makes it harder for everyone to accept.
Though i am no where related to the croc hunter, the week did started slightly gloomed up for me. I can't recall anything exciting happening through the remaining week except for a relaxing & lovely lunch on Thursday with the 'Happy Three Friends'... who else other than Su, Vince and i (also with Meng zhai's company).

We went on yakking away NON-STOP while enjoying our literally burning claypot eel rice set at Kim Gary. If it wasn't for Su's 2pm class, we would probably need a bull-dozer to scoop us of the seats. Somehow, a simple lunch with 'in-sync' friends can be so enjoyable. Talk about life's simple pleasure, this is definitely one of them for me.

Skidded through the remaining weekdays and 'Dept-meeting Saturday'. By then, the MV was considered 'COMPLETE'. Did some final broadcast colour test and tuning of the timing. Everybody's super psyched at actually COMPLETING it for good. It's now rendering on it's own and hopefully everything will turn out as planned for the next 2 final days.

Surprise, surprise... MM Dept mysteriously got an Air-Purifier.
Everyone was pleased. Ando and Eugene jumped right in to set it up so everyone can start inhaling purified air!

Meanwhile... i stood there admiring my new skirt and shoes i got from Bangkok~~~

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