Saturday, September 16, 2006

Playing Judge

Everybody judges everybody. That's undeniable. I judge and get judged alot dealing with the fact that my job is all about communicating and dealing with another. So, it leads me to ponder...

Just why do people judge?

To establish a character analysis? To predict their intentions and next move? Or just plain self-contentment and satisfaction?

I like analysing people that's for sure, i guess it leads me to guessing their personality from first impressions which then leads to 'judging'. Most of the time, they are not as who i perceived them to be but half the time, i am usually right. Hmmm...

Does perceiving equals to judging? I am confused.

I've gotten my fair share of 'judgement' or as they like to term it as 'First Impression', so here goes:

1. Uptight (Other than my jeans, nothing else is tight on me)
2. Prima Donna (Prima Donna are for insecure people, and i'm not)
3. Snob (Only to those who likes to think so ;p)

1. Clubber (Haven't been to one since 2001)
2. Smoker (Am asthmatic and will choke even on 2nd hand smoke)
3. Heavy Drinker (Am allergic to alcohol and my collegues were my witness during last Xmas's company party!)

1. Marketing (I'm infact an educator cum designer aka nerd)
2. Beautician (Only for myself maybe)

No kidding. These is what i've gotten from people i've met throughout my years in college til now. Most of the time they would end up 'Geee... i was so wrong about you!' Just lately someone told me that she totally got the wrong impression of me as an educator and a erm... person. Yes, i'd like to declare i am also human. I can be fun and also a friend when i'm not required to put on my strict jacket to make students work!

But sometimes people refuse to believe i am not who they perceived me to be and went on making things up about me (thinking about that someone now, hmmm...) I don't even know how one person can even dislike another when they have never cross path.

Nevertheless, people who are close to me knows how much i 'care' about being labelled. As long as it doesn't get in the way of my life, i really couldn't give peanuts worth of concern.

All in all, judging another is pretty harmless if we don't go around making things up that's not true to satisfy that sadistic fantasy. I guess it gives us a sense of indirect security and pleasure. Like shielding ourselves from something we are not even sure existed. And when it does happen, we can go 'See, i was right!'.


There you go, something to satisfy those sadistic soul's fantasy!
(Btw, ain't i look movie star-ish in that pic?!) :D

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