Sunday, September 17, 2006

My 'Dua Sen' Worth

Munching on chocolate while reading Yasmin's blog and came across her post entitled "Why she remains my Anak Emas".

Incase you haven't heard of the big HoohooHaha made about Sharifah Amani's rambling acceptance speech during the recent FFM-19, well it's about time you catch on!

I recall surfing channels on the TV and so happen stomp on Nani's (aka S.Amani)acceptance speech that night. She was obviously nervous wreck and over the top while receiving her award. Then she started her speech by saying, i quote;
"I’d like to make my speech in English because I sound stupid when I speak Malay"

I remember thinking to myself at that time, "Haiii... why do they always like to shoot themselves on their feet?" and then switched channels.

Little did i know that she went on further on a shooting spree by saying, again i quote;
"If the film (Gubra) mencemar budaya, let’s do it more often"

Hmmm... okay, this girl seriously doesn't know that 'Freedom of Speech' is not welcome in this country. Especially when it has to deal with 'Isu Kontravasi'.(eh, my melayu also boleh pakai wat...)

*ahem* and so... of course, being Malaysian, we seem to have no better way to react then to start cursing ppl's babak mamak. Nani was attacked front, sides, back, off and online. Apparently, she hurt many Melayu's feelings because of her lack of respect for her own bahasa bangsa.

Well... first of all, i gotta take sides lah, and i take Nani's side. No, i don't agree with her, but i believe she meant no harm as she is still 'mentah' like they call it. (She did apologise but everyone's too absorb with her mistake than apology) And i also feel Malaysian (especially the old ones) should learn to react without involving personal feelings and emotions. Speak like the wise mind speaks, not some emotional wreck. Also, don't hold people's mistake and condemn as if we don't have any.

On the other hand, they shouldn't blame Nani for not being fasih with her Melayu. A whole lump of the Melayu vocab came from English anyway. Like Akademi, Fantasia, Festival, Filem, elegan, moden, elit, komunikasi, komersial... can be rather confusing don't you think? (Not to mention the lack of originality)

Nevertheless, lesson learnt:
1. Plan & Practise your speech!!! (I wonder if my students are reading this?)
2. If you can't speak proper Malay, you can always get away with 'mix-o-match'. Example: "I'm sorry, but my B.M kurang fasih. But i shall try my best. Pertama sekali, i would like to thank my keluarga..." See? you hardly notice the english right?

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aishoz said...

ya. i agree w u. she cd've said it in a less suicidal way. heh.