Friday, September 15, 2006

I've been 'Bugged'

It's 2.55am on my computer now and i'm actually up typing this with a tissue stuffed inside one of my nostril.


Couldn't sleep due to that horrible cold and breathing through my mouth makes that sorethroat even soarer... My tossing and turning keeps waking Mike up. And he'd already got up twice to turn the air-cond off and set up the fan for me. But staying still with a flu is impossible, so i quietly snuck out to catch some cat-nap on the sofa instead.

I never expected the 'little' runny nose i caught at work yesterday morning will turn this ugly. And it had to hit me on a lecturing day! I was even REALLY looking forward to this weekend whereby i needn't worry about work. And now i'm sick. Talk about perfect timing, this couldn't be better!

Now, not only can i burn my list of things to do for the weekend, i have to re-arrange for an extra session next week for my students whom i (most likely) won't be able to meet up for their first project discussion tomorrow. Thank goodness they are not the 'handful' bunch.

Definitely visiting the doc 'later' so they can drug that flu away!

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