Monday, September 11, 2006

Between Wheels & Heels

Jamie: Oh, the designs look fine to me, just change and alter here and there....

Me: Got it, and ermm... is it alright for me to flow the designs back to the car as i noticed the car's got this 'flap' on the top...

Jamie: Flap?

Me: Err... yeah... like a wing?

Jamie: Err.. wing?

Me: Nehh... that piece of thing that juds out from the top like a roof or something!

Jamie: ...

Me: ...

Jamie: OoOOoohhhhh... The Spoiler you mean?! HAHAHA!!! Flap!!!

Me: *blush* hurhur...

Okay, when it comes to auto-mobile, i am pretty clueless. But i do take care of my bare necessities while i'm driving. Like making sure all four wheels are intacked while i'm driving, enough wiper cleaner to clear some incidental bird poos and sufficient petrol to last me my journey.

But sad to say, i have no idea how to change a flat or jump start a dead batt.

Well okay, not that bad actually, i've learnt how to jump start a dead batt. Thanks to Leo, the hero who saved me and my 'dead' batt on the only night i decided to stay up late at work.

I have came across multiple road 'incidents' and some enough to call as 'disasters' to prepare myself for the worst.

SO, i have prepared myself a list of 'To-Do's incase of Emergency' and they are:

1. Don't panic!
Staying cool can avoid something bad from going worse. It can also provide a room for logical thinking (incase any's left).

2. Identify & evaluate the 'problem'
Am i in danger? Can i handle it myself?(most likely not!) Is it serious (Most likely yes!) What's the best solution to my problem.
It's always good to stay calm and able to identify the problem before calling someone up screaming for help only to cause another panic attack on the other receiving end.

3. Call for help
Consider the following upon calling for help:
- Where am i
- Where are they
- What can they do
- What must they bring

4. Stay Safe

The most vulnerable point of a women's life includes being stranded alone with her immobile vehicle. Be extra alert and suspicious of 'good-samaritans' who wants to help. As much as i'd like to believe that Malaysians can be pretty kind and helpful, i'd rather not risk it. Just say,'Thanks, but no thanks!'

But if things do go bad for me and my car, i'm to take the blame. With the tyre pressure extremely low and me not noticing it yesterday, i should be penalised from driving! *blush*

But i'm not taking things for granted. Will invest on a jump-start cable soon and also find out where that spare is!

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