Saturday, September 30, 2006

Uncalled for


"My message to those who finds pleasure in another's misery AND those who finds misery in another's pleasure."

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

My New Toy!

Thanks to Kenny, i got my new Wacom Graphire 3 for a blardy fantastic deal! If you wanna know how much then please ask me personally ok? Stocks running out fast though! ;)

(no time to touch up photo-lah, my head is spinning from the flu, but am damn psyched with my new toy... giggleeeee)

And this is what happens when two monkeys cum geminians collide on MSN with their new toys~

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My 'Dua Sen' Worth

Munching on chocolate while reading Yasmin's blog and came across her post entitled "Why she remains my Anak Emas".

Incase you haven't heard of the big HoohooHaha made about Sharifah Amani's rambling acceptance speech during the recent FFM-19, well it's about time you catch on!

I recall surfing channels on the TV and so happen stomp on Nani's (aka S.Amani)acceptance speech that night. She was obviously nervous wreck and over the top while receiving her award. Then she started her speech by saying, i quote;
"I’d like to make my speech in English because I sound stupid when I speak Malay"

I remember thinking to myself at that time, "Haiii... why do they always like to shoot themselves on their feet?" and then switched channels.

Little did i know that she went on further on a shooting spree by saying, again i quote;
"If the film (Gubra) mencemar budaya, let’s do it more often"

Hmmm... okay, this girl seriously doesn't know that 'Freedom of Speech' is not welcome in this country. Especially when it has to deal with 'Isu Kontravasi'.(eh, my melayu also boleh pakai wat...)

*ahem* and so... of course, being Malaysian, we seem to have no better way to react then to start cursing ppl's babak mamak. Nani was attacked front, sides, back, off and online. Apparently, she hurt many Melayu's feelings because of her lack of respect for her own bahasa bangsa.

Well... first of all, i gotta take sides lah, and i take Nani's side. No, i don't agree with her, but i believe she meant no harm as she is still 'mentah' like they call it. (She did apologise but everyone's too absorb with her mistake than apology) And i also feel Malaysian (especially the old ones) should learn to react without involving personal feelings and emotions. Speak like the wise mind speaks, not some emotional wreck. Also, don't hold people's mistake and condemn as if we don't have any.

On the other hand, they shouldn't blame Nani for not being fasih with her Melayu. A whole lump of the Melayu vocab came from English anyway. Like Akademi, Fantasia, Festival, Filem, elegan, moden, elit, komunikasi, komersial... can be rather confusing don't you think? (Not to mention the lack of originality)

Nevertheless, lesson learnt:
1. Plan & Practise your speech!!! (I wonder if my students are reading this?)
2. If you can't speak proper Malay, you can always get away with 'mix-o-match'. Example: "I'm sorry, but my B.M kurang fasih. But i shall try my best. Pertama sekali, i would like to thank my keluarga..." See? you hardly notice the english right?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Playing Judge

Everybody judges everybody. That's undeniable. I judge and get judged alot dealing with the fact that my job is all about communicating and dealing with another. So, it leads me to ponder...

Just why do people judge?

To establish a character analysis? To predict their intentions and next move? Or just plain self-contentment and satisfaction?

I like analysing people that's for sure, i guess it leads me to guessing their personality from first impressions which then leads to 'judging'. Most of the time, they are not as who i perceived them to be but half the time, i am usually right. Hmmm...

Does perceiving equals to judging? I am confused.

I've gotten my fair share of 'judgement' or as they like to term it as 'First Impression', so here goes:

1. Uptight (Other than my jeans, nothing else is tight on me)
2. Prima Donna (Prima Donna are for insecure people, and i'm not)
3. Snob (Only to those who likes to think so ;p)

1. Clubber (Haven't been to one since 2001)
2. Smoker (Am asthmatic and will choke even on 2nd hand smoke)
3. Heavy Drinker (Am allergic to alcohol and my collegues were my witness during last Xmas's company party!)

1. Marketing (I'm infact an educator cum designer aka nerd)
2. Beautician (Only for myself maybe)

No kidding. These is what i've gotten from people i've met throughout my years in college til now. Most of the time they would end up 'Geee... i was so wrong about you!' Just lately someone told me that she totally got the wrong impression of me as an educator and a erm... person. Yes, i'd like to declare i am also human. I can be fun and also a friend when i'm not required to put on my strict jacket to make students work!

But sometimes people refuse to believe i am not who they perceived me to be and went on making things up about me (thinking about that someone now, hmmm...) I don't even know how one person can even dislike another when they have never cross path.

Nevertheless, people who are close to me knows how much i 'care' about being labelled. As long as it doesn't get in the way of my life, i really couldn't give peanuts worth of concern.

All in all, judging another is pretty harmless if we don't go around making things up that's not true to satisfy that sadistic fantasy. I guess it gives us a sense of indirect security and pleasure. Like shielding ourselves from something we are not even sure existed. And when it does happen, we can go 'See, i was right!'.


There you go, something to satisfy those sadistic soul's fantasy!
(Btw, ain't i look movie star-ish in that pic?!) :D

Friday, September 15, 2006


Am down with a bad case flu and sorethroat today. Whole body aching as though i've hit by a truck. Thought i could catch up with my sleep but my whole afternoon was distroyed by the construction noises that's taking place upstairs.

I will say this again; the timing just couldn't get any better than this.

So, i ended up giving my blog a new make-over. Spent whole day fixing the script and links. Judging that i am almost a programmer idiot, i think i did well at customizing my blog all by myself!

So check it out and enjoy your stay :)
G'bye 'old shoes'!

I've been 'Bugged'

It's 2.55am on my computer now and i'm actually up typing this with a tissue stuffed inside one of my nostril.


Couldn't sleep due to that horrible cold and breathing through my mouth makes that sorethroat even soarer... My tossing and turning keeps waking Mike up. And he'd already got up twice to turn the air-cond off and set up the fan for me. But staying still with a flu is impossible, so i quietly snuck out to catch some cat-nap on the sofa instead.

I never expected the 'little' runny nose i caught at work yesterday morning will turn this ugly. And it had to hit me on a lecturing day! I was even REALLY looking forward to this weekend whereby i needn't worry about work. And now i'm sick. Talk about perfect timing, this couldn't be better!

Now, not only can i burn my list of things to do for the weekend, i have to re-arrange for an extra session next week for my students whom i (most likely) won't be able to meet up for their first project discussion tomorrow. Thank goodness they are not the 'handful' bunch.

Definitely visiting the doc 'later' so they can drug that flu away!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Signed, sealed, delivered!

Finally, the day we've all been waiting for.

Final render and output to DV!

The final moments of completing the MV was a breeze. Didn't face any major problem (pretty rare case). And I am so glad we got the broadcast colours right and accurate without much hassle!



Everyone's happy, i am happy. Gary should be damn happy since TOA sponsored his video and everything came out spick and span right on the dot of deadline.

Since this is our very first MV, our team seriously came a long way of learning and re-establishing our working and learning curves. Like every other jobs, we have our ups and downs but have learnt so much from this project and also discovered each and everyone's credibility. Last but not least, allow me to sign off this project with those magic words:

It's a Wrap! Woohoo!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

That *UrGgh* Feeling

Went to bed yesterday with a headache. Woke up this morning with the headache still around. Am feeling really 'yucky' now. Can't describe further cause that headache is sitting on my thinking nerves.

So many more things left unfinished yet. I feel like a clogged drain now, so much crap overflowing with overwhelming stink!

Lost my judgement for everything, am on the 'delay' mode as well. I accidentally scrapped my car against another car while i was trying to park head first (which i totally hate doing!) just bcos some selfish mtfkr blocked the road to allow me park tails first. My left corner bumper has blackish marks on it now. The other car looks untouched cos i scrapped his tyres. So...

Lesson learnt:
- Although i am allowed to come in at 10am on Tuesdays to compensate my extra teaching hours, i am not gonna do it anymore. Totally hate the feeling of driving around looking for parking!

- Go to bed earlier damit! And 12am is not EARLY!

Am so numbed now by that banging inside my head... can't stand it... I got to pop some Uphomol now!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Between Wheels & Heels

Jamie: Oh, the designs look fine to me, just change and alter here and there....

Me: Got it, and ermm... is it alright for me to flow the designs back to the car as i noticed the car's got this 'flap' on the top...

Jamie: Flap?

Me: Err... yeah... like a wing?

Jamie: Err.. wing?

Me: Nehh... that piece of thing that juds out from the top like a roof or something!

Jamie: ...

Me: ...

Jamie: OoOOoohhhhh... The Spoiler you mean?! HAHAHA!!! Flap!!!

Me: *blush* hurhur...

Okay, when it comes to auto-mobile, i am pretty clueless. But i do take care of my bare necessities while i'm driving. Like making sure all four wheels are intacked while i'm driving, enough wiper cleaner to clear some incidental bird poos and sufficient petrol to last me my journey.

But sad to say, i have no idea how to change a flat or jump start a dead batt.

Well okay, not that bad actually, i've learnt how to jump start a dead batt. Thanks to Leo, the hero who saved me and my 'dead' batt on the only night i decided to stay up late at work.

I have came across multiple road 'incidents' and some enough to call as 'disasters' to prepare myself for the worst.

SO, i have prepared myself a list of 'To-Do's incase of Emergency' and they are:

1. Don't panic!
Staying cool can avoid something bad from going worse. It can also provide a room for logical thinking (incase any's left).

2. Identify & evaluate the 'problem'
Am i in danger? Can i handle it myself?(most likely not!) Is it serious (Most likely yes!) What's the best solution to my problem.
It's always good to stay calm and able to identify the problem before calling someone up screaming for help only to cause another panic attack on the other receiving end.

3. Call for help
Consider the following upon calling for help:
- Where am i
- Where are they
- What can they do
- What must they bring

4. Stay Safe

The most vulnerable point of a women's life includes being stranded alone with her immobile vehicle. Be extra alert and suspicious of 'good-samaritans' who wants to help. As much as i'd like to believe that Malaysians can be pretty kind and helpful, i'd rather not risk it. Just say,'Thanks, but no thanks!'

But if things do go bad for me and my car, i'm to take the blame. With the tyre pressure extremely low and me not noticing it yesterday, i should be penalised from driving! *blush*

But i'm not taking things for granted. Will invest on a jump-start cable soon and also find out where that spare is!

Friday, September 08, 2006

The week that was...

My week began with a very slight lighter workload. With the workshop down and in my cabinet awaiting for it's next 'calling', i would describe this round's workshop as utterly meaningless and keeping my fingers crossed that there's no 5th round! The organisers are clearly loosing interests and our partner trainers are so unprepared! Wai Khong could tell i'm numbed from my attire and 'faux'enthusiasm. Practising the software and equipment only the night before shows how cocky i am too.
I mean, this is my 3rd time as trainer, how exciting can that be?!
Almost the entire department was involved in the workshop, and some of us were at the peak of rushing the MV job that was clearly not looking anywhere near finished (at that time).
So we were clearly stressed and tired.

Went home immediately after work, mentally beat and at the same worried about the new class on Monday and how unwell prepared i am. So not me. Spent my remaining weekend recuperating from my sore vocal cord from amplifying my voice during the entire days training.

Skidded through my new class on Monday with the bare necessities. I guess i was just being overly worried. MV project team cracking slightly due to the nearing deadline, but everyone kept their cool soon enough. A couple hours after lunch, Ando told us about Steve Irwin aka Crocodile Hunter's tragic accident. I was skeptical at first, brushing it off as another hoax.

How i wished i was right.
But sadly, it wasn't. Steve died from a freak fatal stingray attack. Like many people around the world, i was quite sad to learn of his sudden passing. I love watching his docus and his hyper-active larger than life antics. His death is seriously a very big lost to all human and animal kind. As much as we all would like to go on questioning as to why he was taken away from all of us so soon, Steve did die doing what he lived to do. Which makes it harder for everyone to accept.
Though i am no where related to the croc hunter, the week did started slightly gloomed up for me. I can't recall anything exciting happening through the remaining week except for a relaxing & lovely lunch on Thursday with the 'Happy Three Friends'... who else other than Su, Vince and i (also with Meng zhai's company).

We went on yakking away NON-STOP while enjoying our literally burning claypot eel rice set at Kim Gary. If it wasn't for Su's 2pm class, we would probably need a bull-dozer to scoop us of the seats. Somehow, a simple lunch with 'in-sync' friends can be so enjoyable. Talk about life's simple pleasure, this is definitely one of them for me.

Skidded through the remaining weekdays and 'Dept-meeting Saturday'. By then, the MV was considered 'COMPLETE'. Did some final broadcast colour test and tuning of the timing. Everybody's super psyched at actually COMPLETING it for good. It's now rendering on it's own and hopefully everything will turn out as planned for the next 2 final days.

Surprise, surprise... MM Dept mysteriously got an Air-Purifier.
Everyone was pleased. Ando and Eugene jumped right in to set it up so everyone can start inhaling purified air!

Meanwhile... i stood there admiring my new skirt and shoes i got from Bangkok~~~