Thursday, August 03, 2006

In a Nutshell

Finally, i'm back to my blogging regime.

Kinda lost myself back there for about a month scampering myself over work and everything else that's left to call life.

So to make it all up, here's a quicky recapof my happenings for the past 2 months!

1. Multimedia Starlites 2006 Exhibition:
Mission accomplished with success! This year's theme was "Celebrating Creativity". Everything went well and as planned, infact, better than i imagined it to be!Wouldn't have been possible without the great MM team support and also our amazingly talented students~

2. MM Dept's NEW hot chick secretary
No joke about this one. Not only did we get a fresh young secretary, we got one HOT babe secretary- Ka Yan! Our super sweet darling of MM dept. Makes the rest of us
remaining women say: We can tah-pau liow, share market plummet!

3. Watched The Da Vinci Code on the BIG screen
Fifth role far right from the screen; wasn't too bad judging that everybody else surrounding me happened to be TOA staff as well! Lily and Ban took the inner two seats while Mike and i got the outer one. Followed by Andrin, May Yin and May Yern infront of us!

4. Watched The Cars for FREE on the "SUPER BIG" screen
Didn't enjoy it! Not sure if it was the movie or the fact that we were presented with the 2 front roles of seats... Some people surely have their way of showing appreaciation! *hmph*

5. Bought a trip to BANGKOK!
YeSSSSsss!!! AM damn excited about this coming trip! I've been so looking forward to get away from Msia for so loOOOoonggg!!! And this time, i'm getting away with some best pals, Su and Vince along with few other jokers! I'm so gonna spoil myself over there!!

6. Bought new shoes
Duh... i buy shoes all the time! I even bought the exact same pair in two different colours! But am drooling over the espadrilles i fell in love with at KLCC, TopShop *sob* but i am just not obsessive enough to pay RM180 for a pair of shoes which obviously DO NOT spell comfort and style at the same time. Su tried convincing me to wait for Vincci to come up with a cheaper version since Vincci is known for design immitation! *shoots* she got a point that woman! On 2nd thought,i probably would have splurged already if it wasn't for Bangkok! hmmm...

7. Attended a super awesome Wedding brunch
The place was at Ceylon Hill - Nerovivo. The food was amazing... The best italian buffet i've ever had (although i was too shy for 2nd servings). Oh, the lovely couple was Chang and Rachel... absolutely charming pair!

8. Nini asked me to be her maid of honour!
I've always wanted to be a bridesmaid but never thought that chance to come only after i'm married! So there goes the maid of honour title for me! Started my job by spending a whole day visiting bridal houses helping the bride find a fitting gown and surveyed the prices and ding dongs! Did not settle for anything but atleast we know what cutting suits her best now! On standby for the next trip!

9. Celebrated fathers day at an awesome seafood rest
Pantai Seafood Restaurant, hidden in the kampung shacks at Sg.Kayu Ara! The big-ass restaurant stood out like some beach front seafood place! With all sorts of fresh seafood ranging from Alaskan Winter Crabs to fresh abalone! The life fishes and erm... animals are exhibited in a cascading tank! what's more, the prices are extremely reasonable too!

10. Started cooking again
It's been a while since i actually cooked anything other than instant noodles and porridge. So i made an effort by making grilled lamb shanks with mushroom gravy and
mashed potatoes. After dinner, only did i realised that i forgot the mint sauce! damnit!

11. My hamsters finally stopped trying to kill each other
Like the saying goes, 2 is a company, 3 is a crowd. Roborovski hamsters weren't suppose to be vicious, unless of cos the pet shop guy conned me to believing so! One of my hamsters was so determined to beat up the smaller guy for no apparent reason while leaving the "fat one" unperturbed. I had no choice but to isolate the mad one into a smaller container for a couple of weeks and occationally "punish" that little prick by annoying him. I think we did this for atleast 3 times before they finally started living in peace! All 3 of them r almost equally chubby now with a healthy coat. *finger and toes crossed* that the peace will last!

12. Mind you own business lah!
When one is left with nothing to do or say, they end up poking their noses at another's business! What's more, they do it so knowingly, as if they know me? So free meh? Go fly kite lah! l o s e r...*pui*

13. Spent one beautiful Sunday doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
Mike had to work that Sunday, leaving me alone at home. I would have called up my gal pal to hang out at times like such, but i ended up bumming at home infront of the
teli with a box of my favourite Domino chicken wings! Life couldn't be better~ :) And

14. Got my 1st Directing opportunity!!!
Okay, it's no box office movie or any super star featured music video, it's the 8TV chinese host Gary Yap's music video and TOA is sponsoring one video for him. And we have been appointed to produce the video and i was given the role to DIRECT!!! *doing a cheesy dance* and screams Yay!!! I got my first Directing Stint!!!!

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