Friday, May 12, 2006

Refresh & Rejuvinated

I finally had my very first professional massage experience along with my mom (who's done it countless times!). Thanks to Aemy's recommendation, i manage to get something for my mom as mother's day gift just in time. Most importantly, we get to hangout together like mom and daughter, a rare occation indeed!
My fullbody massage was unbelievably good, until i was flipped over! I never realised that i am actually ticklish on the front thighs! Like badly ticklish!! *blush* So bad i had to tell the masseur to stop and move on elsewhere!
After the 1hr of pure relaxing kneading, i moved on to foot massage and spa. I had to leave planet concious from there on. I doozed off from the amazing foot scrub and pampering! 1hr seems like a few minutes!
Mom enjoyed her session as well, and we are definitely going back again for another round of pampering soon!

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