Saturday, May 06, 2006

G'bye Locks, Hello NEW Me!

I finally did it. My trademark or long locks is gone! I can't say i am accepting my new looks well - yet. But i am not regretting it either. I made my hair appointment with Peekaboo only this morning, can't even remember my stylists name when i got there and she took real quick to get the job done! I was quite surprised at the speed, so i kinda stayed abit to fuss over the details as i was skeptical about the after-blow-dry puffiness effect... yes, i admit that i was in a small scale state of shock to see my hair so much shorter... my security blanket was gone in a matter of minutes!
When i stepped out of the saloon utterly aware of myself, i noticed some passerbys checking me out, then i went *phew*... okay, it's not as bad as i think it is... then i walked to the nearby pharmacy to get some new products and spent some time to breath to get use to my hair brushing on my shoulders. As i was getting ready to pay, i noticed a lady looking at me (mainly checking out my hair!), she then asked me what colouring do i use! Well... i must say all these attention i'm getting are kinda nice. I think it's not a mistake after all! :) Infact, i'm actually kinda excited about my new looks now, i already bought some new clips and stuff for my hair... now im thinking if i should get a perm as well... hrmmm...

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