Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Running on a hamster wheel

I bought a toy wheel for my hamsters 2 weeks ago but Mike and i never see them running on it. I was about to accept the fact that my hamsters are the laziest bunch on earth. They are getting so comfortable that they are loosing their sense of curiosity and hyperactiveness. Then- Mike woke me up yesterday morning to bring me the good news that ONE hamster finally "got it"!

While i was watching the hamster going on running on the wheel, i started wondering why they would do such a thing. It doesn't bring them anywhere obviously, but they seem so determined that they will eventually get somewhere!

Sometimes, i think we're very much running on an endless wheel. Not knowing what's ahead and unable to anticipate for the better or worse. Just where is everyone heading to right now?

Wealth? Success? Fame?

I am running on the same wheel as most people too. Perhaps that urge for all the materialism cravings will end soon enough.

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