Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bouquet Galore!

This year, i started off the new year with a list of resolutions to fulfill and one of them was to pick up a craft or two to get in touch with my creative side. From there on, I have however unintentionally discovered a new skill and that was bouquet making.

It all started with one bouquet which i offered to make for my friend Chienni's registration day. I thought it would be nice to give her a handmade bouquet as a "tied the knot" gift. And i never expected it to turn out as well as i thought it would! I remember going to Floristika to buy some white roses only to find a bunch of rare pastel pink hydrangeas! I was ecstatic! I started getting all sorts of inspiration and had to almost drag my own ass out of that place!

Chienni's bouquet wasn't my first attempt. My own toss bouquets were and i thought they were just "okay". Maybe bcos i didn't have enough time to research further. So i considered Chienni's bouquet to be extremely successful although i could have fixed the ribbons better. Anyways, this whole bouquet thing didn't end there, it sparked a whole new interest for me to pursue and i started buying books on flower arrangements and crafts.

Then, who would have thought... another friend of mine, Sariah saw the pictures of Chienni's bouquet and asked me to do hers too! I was skeptical at promising her in the beginning cos it's her wedding bouquet we're talking about! I wouldn't risk my bouquet on someone without any solid experiences! But she said she can't afford an expensive bouquet and am willing to settle for something simple and "good enough". Coming from the tight budget wedding background, i understood and agreed to help her out.

So last week, we met up to go flower shopping and i always get lost with inspirations in Floristika! Sariah managed to find what she wants and its my task to make it happen! So i went home and spent about 2 hours to do her bouquet and 2 more bridesmaid bouquet. I was quite amazed at the result and am extremely proud of my skills. This time, i made sure everything is well planned out and i bought some nice ribbons to match the bouquets.

Mike even said i should compile all the pictures into a portfolio! I think i am going to do that. Who knows, i can start a new small business with this new skills. At the moment, i am doing this only for friends as a wedding gift. Maybe i might consider some small scale business if recommended. :)

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