Friday, January 27, 2006

Home early today~

As Chinese New Year is closing in, the city and streets are starting to clear up already. Today, i left work on time and had a really breezy drive home. If only every day is like today.

And i only had one class to teach and the rest of the day to do my stuff. Even so, i felt there were so much extra time left and i actually did not procrastinate so much already! I am quite amazed at my working speed today. But, part of me is worrying about KL Lights, urgh~. Shooting in exactly 6 more days and i have nothing. It happens all the time and i let it happen again and again... sigh.

So i am going to have to do miracles again - and it is going to be a matter of time, my miracles wear out! So i am going to just chill and have whatever fun i think i deserve before i lose my life to this thing again.

Last week has been really productive in some ways. I manage to make it for my companies annual dinner and miraculously won best dress female that night. I felt really honoured, but embarassed mostly. I mean, everybody saw how much effort other people has put into their costumes compared to mine, so i kinda felt like i robbed it off somebody! Yeah, that's why i couldn't even bring myself to talk about it anymore other than to laugh about it.. He..heh..

Also, I managed to go grab dimsum for breakfast on a nice sunny sunday morning, a really rare opportunity! And i get to do it with friends i rarely get to hang out with too! So the timing of the KL Lights break came perfectly on time. And i am not wasting every single day of it. On Wednesday, i had to extend my class consultation hours for an extra 2 hours which lasted till 8pm, and i was still determine to make it for the japanese buffet with my collegues and some friends after that! That very day, i think atleast 6 person commented about how thin i've become. I really hope my job is not taking a toll on my health, it's really not worth that kind of sacrifice~ I am patiently counting down the days that i can resume to the "normal" lifestyle again and man, i can only imagine how i am going to cherish those hours i have without having to anticipate a crisis coming every week. At the time being, i can only look forward and learn to deal with commitments which i have made right now.

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