Friday, January 20, 2006

A day on a plate

The whole of last week has been quite tiring for me. Eversince KL Lights, my right eye has been twitching on and off every day without fail and my whole body aches when i get up in the morning and when i am trying hard to lie comfortably to sleep. Mentally, i feel alright. But physically, i feel like an old lady. I have yet started on my yoga regeme yet. And to hit the pool, the distance of it from my unit seems like a thousand miles away *sigh* Talk about procrastination...

So far, this year started off well for me despite having to going through some adjustments and tiring schedules. With a lighter teaching term to balance up my additional work involvement, i am trying all my best to make full use of by spending more rare quiet afternoons at some cafe with a book, my ipod and a pen and paper. I just love those personal times. It's even more fulfilling than having someone for company. Come to think of it, i NEVER had times like this for myself before! I now realise how much self discovery i am missing out. My so called free hours are always at work trying to be productive, only to end up procrastinating further. Now, i find myself indulging in new hobbies and interests and i enjoy everything more including work.

Somehow, i am starting to wonder if life will ever be this gratifying again once i go back to my original work style. It's too soon to tell if i will miss what i have now as it's hardly been a month since all these changes took place. But i am working towards a change and a change is what i am determined to get.

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