Wednesday, January 04, 2006

4&5 and counting on...

Not much going on today for me. Work as usual and i Just got back from KL Lights production meeting to get the scripts for Ep.4 & 5 and met my new prop master. He seems alright, easy going and all. I am quite glad that we got rid of that previous guy. He's got this thing which i didnt' quite get... it's like bad "chi" or sumthin'. The other good news is that i got Xin into joining the productions. I really hope she'll find it comfortable and to her liking. There're 10 more episode's left and im not even sure if i can pull through myself! But i got to! Ain also decided to use Ivan as the gibberish character Alvin! Saw his casting tape and he was so funnily suitable for it. Ain didn't spend much time deciding either.

I need to prepare props for this coming's Sat's shoot and i have yet gotten a clear production schedule yet. Am panicking slightly one half but staying cool on the other to maintain focus. No point panicking when i cannot do much right? And i always have to tell myself that this isn't the first time and things will come together as time goes by.And with the current team, i felt better control and comfort. I really pray this is meant to last. 

Ok... my headache is killing me, i need to get a panadol and hop right to bed as tomorrow's going to be another longggg day for me again. I love it!!!!

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