Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006...

In less than 2 hours, a new year shall begin and before i list out my new year resolutions, i would like to conclude the year with some musings.
  • I am very thankful for the people i've met in my life
  • I am grateful for all the love and care i've been showered
  • I've learnt not to dwell on matters that doesn't go my way
  • I will always remember that the Sky is the Limit
  • I will always remember; Mind over Matter - if you don't mind, it won't matter
  • I've learnt to appreaciatte simple pleasures in life
  • I've learnt that if i treat myself better, i will treat others better as well
  • I believe that everything happens for a reason
  • I believe that it is through believing, things happens
  • I still fear loosing my loved ones

If God answers your prayer,
He's increasing your faith
If He delays,
He's increasing your patience
If He doesn't answer at all,
He has something better for you.

Happy New Year everyone, may the new year bring lot's of joy and happiness to each and everyone of you wherever you are... :)

Dear Aunt Agony...

Met up with my pal Suishu San for brunch yesterday. I took her to Creme Cafe at Ikano to try their cupcakes and food as i haven't got a chance to go there myself. The place has shrunken by half in comparison to their previous location at Hartamas and was hardly noticeable as it's quite hidden at the corners. But Yuki (the owner of Creme) said that business is definitely better as the location is more well received by her loyal customers. I for one will agree as i live less than 5 minutes drive away :) Sitting there, i could see many ppl coming by for her famous deserts and cupcakes. So make sure you guys drop by to try them out! Right across Pet Safari at Ikano Power Centre and they share the same unit as Clay Expressions.

So, back to my ritual with Crystal. We would usually hang out half the day burning the chairs at the cafes or restaurants catching up since that woman's usually up there and away more frequently than she's down here and home. After not seeing her for so long, she's got a much shorter hair and amazingly good looking nails! *jealous* She went to for french mani and padi while she was at Shanghai for only RM100. Cun sial, make me wanna get one myself!

Amazing! Crystal has nails!

We both loved the padi especially cause it's really neat and clean looking. Good looking nails seriously makes one's limbs glow with youth all of the sudden! And Crystal, please keep your fingers tied and stop trying to peel them! It's too costly for that sickening habit ok! ;p

Thank You Ridsect!

While i was out running some errands and doing some grocery shopping at Centre Point few days ago, i came upon this!

My heart sang hymns of praises, "Thank Goooodddd.... it's about time i get that lil' bas*@#& that's been popping in and out my apartment freaking the little hakunas out of me!"

Nope, it's not a Roach, it's freaking huge slimmy jungle lizard that i bet Steve Irwin would go 'Crikey, what a beaauty!' (if he's still alive to see it!) Sorry Steve, i'm no lizard fan and this CICAK is no endangered species either, so it's GOTTA GO!!!

For some reason, i'm extremely terrified of cicaks, even more terrified of them than the roaches (actually, equally terrifying lar, but the cicak is more geli sial!) Even one little one would send me screaming for mama if it's less than 3 feet from me. Maybe because i use to torture them when i was a kid. Bro and i would trap them with plastic containers and make them loose their tail... EWWWWW i can't believe i use to DO THAT!!! *puke*

Anyway, i was damn excited to set the trap to catch the whole damn family that's making my home their home! Pissing wherever they please and making me clean up after them! One lil' bas*@#& even shite on my laundry right on my new Abercrombie white polo tee!!!! And it's stained for good now! Perhaps that should explain my utter rage and determination to get rid of them!!!

So... on the very same night, i set the 1st trap at my living room where i spotted a little 'cina' cicak a week ago, slightly skeptical about the traps effectiveness as it's rather murah for 5 disposable boxes that screamsss TRAP all over. I started wondering if cicaks can read... then yesterday morning i went to check on the trap from atleast 4 feet away with a torch light. And guess what?! Cina Cicak took the bait and was stuck on the sticky glue all contorted (trying to escape maybe?) I was darn pleaaaseee man... but that fella was only about 1.5 inches in length (juvenille only) the lil' bas*@#& that hangs out at my kitchen was atleast 5 inches long!!!!!! And it's dark and freaking scary too!!! So... off to my 2nd cicak trap mission! Yesterday night, i set a 2nd trap in the kitchen. Carefully choosing a spot to place the trap, i picked the 'hot spot' where i found what i assume is lil' bas*@#& 's droppings. After that, i prayed for the same success i had the night before and went to bed.

And this morning i found that God has answered my prayers :) Check a load of this!

DAMN BIG & GELI righhhhttt????? I was shaking like hell when taking this photo cause it was still ALIVEEEEE!!!! And the remaining half of it's stupid tail was actually stuck inside along with it's upper part! I quickly screamed for Mike to get rid of it and even he shudder with geliness when using the coal clamp to grab the lid of the trap and threw it inside a mega huge plastic bag which is then bagged in another bag!

*sigh of relief* Atleast the lil' monster is down. I wonder if there's anymore! I'm not taking any chances, so i'm definitely setting the 3rd one tonight to clear the clan for the new year! God bless!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


My week so far since the 'Peekaboo' story has involved some twists and turns of discoveries and transitions of people coming and going once again. Seems like the year end is a perfect 'move along' time because it's more meaningful to say "Let's start anew". I'm already starting anew myself. I've been practising "comp-abstinence" after working hours. Successfully left my laptop untouched for the past 6 days. I spent most of my time last week rushing last minute Xmas presents, cards, farewell cards and get-well cards even (Dear CL, i pray that you're all better and well by now- well enough to read this)

I did some spring cleaning at home, at work and with myself lately. Threw out many things that has been sitting around without a cause to avoid bad 'chi' accumiliating and encourage renewed energy into my zone. What better way than to start reorganising oneself for the new year! Sweii got me my Xmas wishlist FENG SHOE book (i lurve it sooooo much!) Now i can shop, wear and rearrange my shoes with FengShui reference! And of course, after throwing out so many stuff, i started buying more stuff... sigh. It's a neverending story i know.

Anyway, i didn't really get to express the amount of stress i went through at work last month. But it was 'good stress'. You know, those adrenaline driven ones that really pushes your limit and credibility. At one point, i actually felt like this:

Really challenging my wits and guts to the max especially when i found myself surrounded by high ranking intimidating scholars. I can smell a pungent of shrunken balls and cold sweat. But having been through it all and actually successfully 'pass the test', i find myself bursting for air of relief and cheer! Woohoo!

Am looking forward to the coming year very much. Alot on my mind and lot's of plans happening already so i'm freaking excited about them. And to start the year meaningfully, Su and i made a vow to launch our "Shyok Sendiri" blog to feature our self-fulfilling crafts. Now that i've announced it, we can't back out and potong each other's steam! FYI i've started with my "SS" projects already... and thanks to Loong Zhai's generous Xmas gift; a freaking awesome book of toys and crafts! I shreak with excitement each time i go through it. Thanks again Loong Zhai for the big lovely surprise! :D Okay, i should get back to my craft production! Will give a proper updates of 06's Xmas soon enough when i get hold of all the photos. Meanwhile, have youself a Merry little Christmas, may all your dreams come true~~

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I found some closure to that unanswered question that has been bothering me the past one and half months. The pain hasn't entirely gone away, but i'm have more reason to feel good now.

Today marks the 49th day of popo's passing. Dad, mom, Mike and i went back to Bukit Mertajam to give our 'final' respects or as how i term it as 'closing ceremony' and dad conducted some final rites. We arrived BM yesterday late evening, and we stopped by Tambun for seafood before heading off to meet my Tai-Gu (dad's eldest sis) for some last minute prayer stuff shopping. We then went back to my ancestors home for a cup of tea and to show Mike around as he's never been to my dad's kampung.

'So much history on the wall...', Mike said with his head still tilting about. He was amazed at the timeline of family portraits hung up at the wall. From there we started telling stories about our families... happy ones and not so happy ones... we've spoke of it occationally, but yesterday at my gong-gongs house, it was one of moments one rarely get to experience when we're so caught with work and city life. We sat and just talked about everything under the sun and moon...

This morning, we headed for the temple where popo's urn was placed to perform some prayers and respect to usher her soul to the next spiritual level. I'm no Buddhists, neither am i a baptists Christian so i performed the rites with my family along with 3 of my Ah Gu's 3 other cousins anyway. Mom's a bapdists Protestant and she was quietly condemned by some Christians for holding the jolstick and kaotaoing throughout the entire Taoist funeral, prayers and all the little details with dad. She said. "Cheh... i wasn't worshipping the dead or idols wat, just paying my respects as a worthy daughter inlaw and doing my duty as a wife mah..." I think Mom's turning Bohemian like me :)

It was a case of 'monkey see, monkey do' for me throughout the whole procession. I stuck by dad closely the whole time making sure i'm doing the right thing. When it was time for the monk to chant some prayers, we had to kneel facing popo's urn until the end of the chanting. I knelt next to my elder cousin sister who seemed super well composed with the jolsticks firm between her palm and steady on her knees. My older cousin brother was on my other side followed by dad. After about 2 minutes of chanting, i began to feel restless. Shifting my butt weight from side to side, i started observing the people around me. Mom's already left the 'zone' tilting her head about checking out the other people's urn around the room. My cousins were consistently focused while my Ah Gu seemed to be spiritually connected with the chanting. Then from the corner of my eye, Dad suddenly leaned forward with his head lower than his shoulders, instead of hands clasped together, he placed them on his laps and with his eyes tightly shut, he pulled a few deep breaths throughout the chanting. I tried to relate the feeling of loosing a mother, and i instantly felt like breaking down. I knew dad missed his mother very much.

The chanting lasted approximately 10 minutes, and we then headed off to another temple with the jolstick that is said to lead my popo's soul to reunite with gong-gong. Overthere, we did another round of simple prayers and gong-gong's plague was taken down from the altar so dad could remove the sticker that has been concealing popo's name next to it for the last 30 years. Dad was back to himself by then, breaking a few jokes on and off about what my gong-gong's gonna say to popo after their 'reconciliation'.

We headed for home soon after the last rites, stopping for lunch at Tambun (again) for seafood (again)! Mom couldn't resist their fresh and juicy crabs even after having it the night before. I had so much seafood that my lip is numbed from the minor allergic reaction!

All in all, it was abit of a rush but wonderful trip. It definitely brought us all closer through the difficult moments. And like every other day, there's a lesson in life from it all.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Let's talk about AIDS

Save a life starting with yourself,
be well informed.
HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)
  • There are atleast 19 unreported HIV+ cases in Malaysia everyday.
  • It is reported that kids as young as 10 years old are having sex.
  • Most women are more concern of pregnancy than contracting HIV from unprotected sex.
  • Oral contraceptives cannot prevent one from contracting HIV.
  • Using a condom can reduce one's risk from contracting HIV by 99.9%.
  • HIV+ people are no different from everybody else. They don't 'stink' (smokers are), they are not 'sick', they won't die sooner (if treated) and they are as healthy as HIV- people.
  • AIDS do not descriminate. The more 'risks' you take, the higher your chances are.
  • There is NO CURE to AIDS, only prevention.
  • Abstain from unprotected sex.
  • Abstain from sharing syringes.
  • HIV cannot be spread through air, sneeze, saliva, tears, touching, kissing, hugging, sharing of utensils, clothing and food.
  • HIV can be transmitted through direct blood transmission, exposure to internal body fluid such as semen, vaginal fluid & breast milk.
  • One can also contract HIV from unprotected oral sex.

More more info, go to

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Sigh, so so drained now. But i think i see some light in the end of the tunnel...

Went to SONY this morning to get my camera fixed after i read about their product glitch and global product recall news at BCC news online:

Mine's the F88 model and when i went there this morning expecting them to accept my complaint about the faulty LCD without questions and fix it for free as mentioned in their press statement. Apparently, SONY Malaysia on the other hand said that F88 is not in 'their' list of product call back and i will have to pay for the repair.

And since when is Malaysia not part of "GLOBAL"???? Are we from another planet?! So damn typical Malaysian after sale customer service!

Sell faulty products and deny responsibility later. I kinda expected that to happen, luckily i took my warranty card along to smack it at their faces. Only been less than a year, and the LCD is already faulty! I think it's about time they RECALL that model in their freaking list!

So i will be cameraless for not sure how long. Feeling slightly crippled as i rely so much documentation of everything with it :(

i need new shoess... *sob*

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Are you CHEAP?

Signs that you are cheap with a Capital C

  • ‘Take away’ packet ketchup, sugar, butter from fast food outlet or restaurants
    (since it’s free)
  • Take as many serviettes available from fast food outlet or restaurants because you think you ‘might just need it later’
  • Go lunch with boss/someone whom you haven’t seen in a while knowing they would pay
  • Ask your friend to pay 50 cent for taking a sip from your rm1.50 Coke
  • Borrow someone’s mobile and delay your credit top-up
  • Treat your wife, kids, mom, dad & yourself to dinner at JWT during someones wedding . Your angpow for the newly weds : RM100.
  • Use or touch up your makeup with samples at cosmetic counters (freaking disgusting!)
  • Ask the sales person at a departmental store if you can get a discount if you ‘buy a lot’
  • Bargaining at Ebay (ultimate cheapskates!)
  • You start packing food at someone else’s party even when the party has only just begun
  • You wash and reuse disposable underwears (THERE ARE PPL LIKE THAT!)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Life is like a packet of Nasi Lemak

  • I pray for good days - fingers crossed, you never know what u're gonna get
  • On lucky days - more kerang & sotong!
  • When bad days - pathetic sambal portion...
  • Pondering - why he/she gets more rice than me?
  • Taking risks - it's very fattening & unhealthy, but life's too short for that
  • Regrets - Cholestrol level up :(
  • Over coming obstacles - Reduce NL intake

It's Friday and my week has been...

Fulfilling because...
- my car has been fixed (although $$$)
- mom made my favourite soup 2 days in a role
- had nasi lemak for breakfast 3 days in a role
- had LOT's of chocolates
- made some money from ebay
- ate jap lunch with Su at Gengki
- finished most of my work

Monday, November 20, 2006


I cannot believe it! Cravings Cafe (now known as Creme Cafe) has moved to The Curve, Damansara and it's only less than 10 minutes drive from my place!!! I can have cupcakes more frequent now!!! Yipppeeeee!!!

Oh yes, they are located at the 2nd Floor of IKANO POWER CENTRE – opposite of Pet Safari (Lot S 10, 2nd Floor, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor). Operating Hours – Mondays to Sundays 10am to 9pm. Also, check out the latest updates at their blog:

They also have other dishes in their menu and tons of other mouth watering desserts *stomache growling* Opps! Hehe... anyway, please do yourself a favour and check them out yea? Cos life is too short to eat one lesser cupcake!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

When your intuition is speaking - LISTEN UP!

Yesterday while driving home from work, Intuition spoke to me.

Intuition: I think you should get your car serviced.
Me: Yeah, i think it's about time.
Intuition: Yeap, tomorrow is a good day to get it done.

This morning before work, Procratination spoke to me.

Me: Opps, running late for work, still have to drop my car off at my parents.
Procrastination: Aiyah, just get it done tomorrow lar, one day later won't hurt!
Me: Erm, i guess it won't? But i'll make sure i get my shoe's heels fixed just to prove that i am not always procrastinating my tasks!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you that one should NEVER EVER IGNORE their intuition because i believe Someone up there is trying to tell us something!

Approximately 2 hours ago, i was stranded along LDP for a flat caused by a bad tyre and poor alignment. I felt utterly foolished because THIS MORNING when i drove passed my parents, i strongly believed that i was going to regret my decisions to ignore my intuition!

I called Mike to my rescue and before my knight in shinning armour arrived, an unexpected knight turned up.

Encik. RONDA-RONDA from LITRAK came to my rescue in his mega-huge toll-truck.

"Cik, pandu 'lahan-'lahan ke stesen bas kat depan sana. Sini bahaya (echo)..." he announced with his mega phone from his truck.

SHOOTS! Why do you have to use to loud speaker?! Now everyone knows i am a helpless woman driver who can't change her little flat tyre!

I resisted slightly, gesturing that i'm waiting for my help.

"Sini tak boleh tukar tayar, merbahaya! Pandu p'lahan-lahan, saya ikut belakang (echo)..."

OK! OK! Stop doing that mega-phone thingy! I quickly hop on and drove super slowly, inching my way to the bus stop that is approximately 50 metres ahead of me. I could hear crackling noise from that flat tyre, and it felt like the bus station is 500 metres away. My face was all twisted as the noise got louder! Then Mike arrived and over took me, i stopped and he got down and told me to keep driving.

"But i scared it will damage my suspension!"

Wah, atleast i am not as bimbofied. I actually used proper mechanic terms during such intensed moment.

"Nvm, just a few metres more ahead! Just listen to him (En.RONDA) and keep driving."

Ok, now i have 2 escorts, front and back just to make sure i get to the bus station ahead of me! By that time, i had LOSER, USELESS, BIMBO WOMAN DRIVER written all over me! sigh...

When we got there (finally), Mike hopped into action to change my flat while En.RONDA sat by the road side doing what i guess is 'Visual Assistance'. I heard from ppl that LITRAK sends free rescue services to change flats (not sure if its true), so Mike kindly refused. So, En.RONDA sat there awhile asking from time to time,"Boleh? Boleh?" and observed til Mike successfully got the car jack up, and then bid us toodeloos and 'ronda' away.

So, many lesson learnt today:

1. Change a flat (still vague on the jack part though!)
2. Call this number incase you knight is busy polishing his armour:
LDP RONDA: 03-7494 7333
They are available 24/7 for FREE! Check out

last but not least..

3. Listen to that little voice in your HEAD! It may only be a flat today, but i know it could have been so much worst.

Things that i am thankful for:

1. The weather - For some reason, it didn't rain tonight! Thank God!
2. En.RONDA - Thanks for making sure of everyone's safety!
3. My man - What can i say... He's always my man :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Feeling Desirable

de‧sire/Show Spelled Pronunciation[di-zahyuhr]

1. to wish or long for; crave; want. (i want one)
2. to express a wish to obtain; ask for; request; (may i?)
3. a longing or craving that brings satisfaction or enjoyment (oh yeah~)
4. an expressed wish (please?)
5. sexual appetite or a sexual urge. (<---really?!)


To take my troubles off my mind, I feed myself with desirable things to want and do.
It helps me to:

1. draw my attention away to concentrate on something which is more worthy.
2. calm my emotional self down to think more clearly and rationally.
3. be optimistic and happy.
4. set new/more goals and objectives in life.
5. look forward to the next hour, if not next day.
6. pick up new topic of interest, like food to eat, places to go, colors to wear.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Swindle your luck - or not


Taken on top of the South Eastern Corner Tower of Beijing City. We were taking our 'Luck Swindling Walk' on top of the tower. It is said that if you would like to improvise your current luck and positive 'chi', walk clock-wise along the sides of the tower (that's what we were doing), otherwise take anti-clockwise if you think you're on the not so bright side of life?

Me: Wah, so easy meh?

Mr X: Aiyah... So superstitious! But no harm doing it lar! Just treat it as morning walk lor! (Starts walking without hesitation)

Me: (whispers to myself) Yeah right, u're the last person on earth to NOT believe in such things!

Mr X: (contemplates and decides to go anti-clockwise)

Me: *roll eyes*

As we were taking our stroll just to 'layan' the Mr.Feng Shui master (stopping on and off to grab a photo or two), i started noticing how seriously other people actually took theirs. Especially with those who decided to go anti-clockwise. I was thinking to myself then, "Do they really believe that a walk could change whatever misfortune or bad luck which they are going through?

Not that i don't believe in bad luck, but one shouldn't blame luck when their misfortune was 'doomed' on them. Like what 'Mr Feng Shui' said to all of us during that trip, everyone must always have faith and effort (accompanied with fengshui elements) to enhance our flow of luck. Now why didn't everyone think of that?

No doubt, Feng Shui has helped many discovered a fluent flowing 'chi' which leads them to better health and prosperity in some way or other. Sometimes i cannot help but to feel that many has misinterpreted the elements of FengShui to bring luck and prosperity without any physical or mental effort. And knowing someone who belongs to that category of mindset doesn't ease my feelings either.

(Oh btw, this is another one of my Photoshop Brushes tryout! Getting addictive!)


An Eternal Love

Meet the newly weds, Mr&Mrs Kenny Kok. No, we're not related in anyway but perhaps our ancestors were since we both carry the same surname :)


This is one the many favourite wedding photos which i took from Kenny. So romantic and nostalgic. It reminded me of our grandparents times and how pure love, marriage and devotion use to be. Time has changed but that doesn't mean we don't get pure innocent love anymore, sometimes we're all too involved with the materialistic world. That's why i think those who're attached should cherish their life partners more and those who are still looking, should be patient with destiny.

I discovered some really cool Photoshop brush plugins yesterday and had to do some touching up for Kenny's wedding photo. Check out the results! :)

kennyold copy

Kenny thinks there should be more 'discoloration' and scratches on it. Agree with him too but heck, it was 6pm then so i gotta call it the day! ;p

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Looking for a meaning in life

It is from lost, we learn to cherish.
It is from sadness, we find solace.
It is from tears, we thought of laughter.
It is from hate, we realise the power of love.
It is from regret, we learn to feel sorry.
It is from obstacles, we discover our limits.
It is from limits, we gain endurance.
It is through endurance, we gain strength.
It is in darkness, we see the light.
It is in light, we see our angels.
It is through time, we learn the truth.
It is from truth, we find disappointment.
It is from disappointment, we learn to accept.
It is through acceptance, we gain tolerance.

"Someone is going through something far worst than us today. So, we should be thankful for what we have and not dwell on what we don't have as it could have been worst. There's always ways to find happiness in life. It's only a matter of how happy we choose to be." - Daddy

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Things happens for a reason. Or do they not?

While i am trying very hard to find solace from my lost, i ended up discovering more pain. Is this part of healing? As i am not feeling any better. So much so that dad saw through me despite my putting on a tough shield. Dad and i have always had and unsual connection. He can read me like an open book. Thats why i often avoid being around him when i am upset, cause he just knows.

I went back home alone today, hoping to find mom to have a heart to heart before she and dad leaves for their holiday tomorrow. Instead, dad was the only one at home. Just as i sat down the dining table to eat my dinner, dad joined me and we started chatting away. Then, like a bull's eye aim, he shot right at the issue which has been bothering me for days, months, infact years. I wanted to just break down and cry. But like my dad, i never cried infront of anyone. As if like we're sharing the same brain, he said it's okay to cry and grief, but do not be an emotional wreck.

It was one of those very precious moment for me. Knowing that you're not alone spiritually and emotionally. We still have one another to cling on to for support.

Dear popo, i'm sorry i wasn't around when you left. The moment i suddenly woke up from my sleep on the plane, i suddenly felt heartache and i thought of you. I noted the time down, it was 6.45am and i was an hour away from arriving Beijing. I stayed optimistic, praying for a miracle that you would still be there when i return. I message mom & dad at the airport to inform them that i have arrived and i got the worst reply in my entire life. It suddenly striked me that you were probably saying goodbye to me in my sleep. I honestly felt you in my heart. I'm terrified of loosing another family and close one right now, popo. Because the pain doesn't seem to go away... I pray that you'll rest in peace and look after everyone from heaven. I hope gong-gong will keep you accompany as we all know you're afraid of loneliness. We will tell gong-gong to make sure that you are never alone when the next time we visit you. Meanwhile, we all love you very much, so please take care wherever you are...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another wedding flow'r-pow'r

Yes, another one joining the SUDAH KAHWIN status club. A big shout out to Mr and Mrs Kenny Kok, wishing them All the happiness and love in the world on their special day!

As though becoming a norm for me to do my friends wedding flowers as favours, i did ALL his wedding flowers as well! This time really challenging my wits and skills. I successfully did not just the hand bouquets, but also the grooms and parents corsarges, wrist corsarge, and flower girls head dress! I was wowified by the results! Never expect it to be this good!

This time around, the bride's preference for her flowers is slightly more daring in comparison to the previous few which i have done. She wants mixture of reds, peach, pink and white with hints of green fillers and red berries. So i picked out these flowers at Floristika last Friday evening.


I think it's a good season for flower harvesting as they actually have tulips and so many other fresh and beautful imported flowers. Was hoping to see some white peonies but none available. Even the local roses are so beautiful! Check them out!


The bride likes berries, so berries she will have!


I spent about 6 hours making everything. The most time consuming part of the whole process was removing the torns and leaves from the flowers... really really painful! But it's so worth it when everything is done! Here's the brides and maids bouquet!


And the wrist corsarge for the bride during dinner. I made this from the extra flowers for the bride, hope she likes it!


And the groom's cosarge. Made 2 cause i was getting a hang of it and it's rather easy to make actually!



Then there's the parent's cosarge, 3 of the same arrangement.


Last but not least, my favourite and sorta biggest challenge and achievement... the head dress for 3 little flower girls!



She didn't have a very good day today.

When i went to visit her at 7pm, she was at her worst.

She was hooked up with the oxygen mask gasping for air. Her breathing was so heavy that it literally lifts her chests as she fought on.

Barely concious; her lids were swollen shut and slightly moists from tears. I silently prayed that she wasn't crying of pain or fear.

I held her hand, squeezing it on and off hoping for her to squeeze mine back, but nothing. I massaged her feet and i noticed her heart rate dropped slightly. Maybe she felt our presence, but part me wishes that she doesn't and that she's sleeping and having a beautiful dream with all of us there.

I am having a very hard time now, feeling unseemingly helpless. What will happen during the week to come when i am not around...

Saturday, October 21, 2006


It has been a very tiring week for me by far. Mentally and emotionally. I didn't feel like writing much now. Am trying to find meaning behind the things that is going on with and around me.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Vintage Lust

vintage copy

Crystal got me this lovely Vintage Magazine piece from her previous trip to Paris. She said, the moment she saw it, she thought of me, how sweet! :) It has been sitting on my Study's shelf for a while now so i decided to honour it by posting it on my blog to share with all of you the beauty of it's 'flaws'.

I've always loved vintage especially printed materials. The colours are unusually rich and captivating. Check out the 1920's movie magazine cover featuring Dolores Costello (Drew Barrymore's Grandmother)!


Back then, magazines only costs 25 cents! And as you can see, not much gossips and hard-sell write-up going on compared to my next favourite vintage mag cover featuring Audrey Hepburn in the late 50's. Guess at that time, they figured that gossips sells.


Still, nothing beats the 1930's New China Shanghainese Cigarettes, Liquor and Beauty product vintage posters. The hues and intriquete patterns and design details are extremely breathtaking. In terms of layout design and impression, i think China's got it all right. I mean, conceptually they already started incorporating sex with products as a marketing strategy!



I bought the reprint of this particular one from a street at Spore and for strange reasons, i have it to my dad cause he's a fan of vintage barang too. He's got a range of 'stuff' he's been collecting like the charcoal iron, grandpa's clock (really from my grandpa!), vintage black & white TV, dial phones and so on. I must have picked up my appreciation for vintage from him :)

Anyway, few years ago when i was still in advertising, i had to design a series of the '1930's Shanghainese inspired' ang pow packets for a local retail store. I recall having lot's of fun with that Chinese New Year campaign because of the design freedom and flexibility. Not to mention my love for vintage art. We gathered some vintage posters, scanned them and did some Photoshop magic along with Danielle's face. So from this...


I created this!


I know, i know... the head tilted is kinda tilted awkwardly. But that's how the illustrated posters usually are. We did a series of 5 designs and our client mentioned that it was by far their best range of CNY angpow design. So vintage can carry a rather modern funk to it too. Talk about that, this designer called Fiona Hewitt makes me absolutely go WOW... when i first saw the packaging design she did for MISO Pretty products. Her illustrations absolutely brilliant, mixing east and west with oriental vintage flavour, i'm so glad i bought that (useless) Body Mist spray when i saw it at S'pore last year.
Here are a few of the other products which i managed to find online. Check out the colours and illustration! Lovely, lovely!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just a Quicky!

Am feeling abit "Delay" today, wonder if its the side effect of Haze inhalation? Can't seem to construct my sentences without constant rephrasing to soundlike an airhead. So i'm gonna spare you the reading and try my best to layout my thoughts in English.

Last week's been super laid back for me. With Tuesday off, i managed to catch up with a dear friend for tea and heart to heart sessions. Went for lunch, bump into Joey! Did some catching up with Joey too... then did some shopping before heading for cakes and tea again at Bakerzin. Btw, their Chocolate Amer.... pure heaven! *sigh*



Then on Thursday, the entire MM team went for karaoke cum buffet. A complimentary treat from our Big Boss for a job well done for the Starlites Event, Gary Yap's MV and the recent Exhibition. For the first time, every single one of us were there and we all had so much fun. Atleast i know i did :) Will update more with pictures next round when i locate where my vocabulary box is.

In the meantime, am sweating over the UH Degree programme subject module which i was assigned to churn out 3 project briefs (before this coming Friday). Seriously brain boggling especially when i had to switch from "kick back braindead" to "crunch time" mode. Managed to gather some useful sources and brainstorm a little with Mike to get some sort of directions, tomorrow onwards it's gonna be battle of the paperwork for me! To get my mind off the mundane paper stuff, i offered to help Kenny with his wedding reel and flowers and car decor...*Sweat* Luckily WaiKhong and Yenny's helping out with the car decors and ribbon part, they are seriously much better at it. Yesterday, I showed them the materials i got and they jumped right into it discussing the 'treatment' which they then got a little carried away...


Still lacking some materials and i gotta get them real soon as the wedding's this Sunday! EEk!! Talk about Sunday, i will be flying off to Beijing, China with parents in-law and Mike, thus will be missing Kenny's wedding :(. Am not extremely psyched with the coming trip probably because i've been there before and... and nvm the details. Nevertheless, i will try to have fun :/ In the meantime, i will stop here before i insult anyone's intelligence. *Urgh*

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sole Struck!

So much love, so much contentment! I finally found my perfect pair of Espadrilles!

DSC09392 copy

I'm still in search for a cream coloured laced-up version. Almost found it at Bangkok, but they only have it in Black at that time :( Guess, i'll just have to keep searching.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Seeing RED

I love the colour Red.


In the midst of boring paper work, i got up with my camera and started snapping away things that are in Red.


What is RED to you?


Passionate Love?


Or Fiery Anger?


Oriental perhaps?


Then again...


Despite it's flamboyant hue...


It can be rather lonely too.